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About Precision Boat Works Boats

Precision Boat Works Boats Logo 15 Paradise Plaza, Unit 108
Sarasota, fl 34221
iboats Review of Precision Boats: Manufacturer of Precision Fiberglass Sailboats

Precision Boats manufactures fiberglass sailboats that are designed by well-known boating designer Jim Taylor. Precision has been in a part of the boating world for nearly four decades, and continuously strives to exceed their own expectations in building high quality fiberglass sailboats. These sailboats are hand-built with laminated fiberglass materials that efficiently binds the hull and the deck together as on e component. Furthermore, each Precision sailboat ranges between approximately 15 and 23 feet in length and includes stainless steel hardware and rails. Precision focuses primarily on stability and comfort in their vessels, so that boaters who have invested in their sailboats have absolutely no doubt in their minds about safety and entertainment.

The captain of a Precision sailboat will find that control over steering and speed is made easier due to the extensive construction process and testing. Stability is a key aspect contributing to the successful performance of these fiberglass sailboats. These vessels are built with Dacron lines that allow anyone, whether they are experienced boaters or not, to easily control the sails in any weather condition. Furthermore, these models can hold anywhere between approximately 400 and 2500 pounds worth of passengers, depending on the model size. Ultimately, Precision sailboats are ideal vessels for families and friends to regularly enjoy a weekend getaway at sea.

There are a number of features and accessories that are necessary and useful for those who like to go sailing on a regular basis. Specifically for the hull and the deck, here are some standard equipment options that Precision includes: teak trimming and handrails, aluminum opening ports, non-skid surfacing, stainless steel boarding ladders and bow eyes, and so on. Some of the larger models are built with spacious cabins below deck that include berths and backrest cushions, as well as plenty of storage space. In short, Precision sailboats are a great choice for current and prospective saukboat owners, whether they are new to boating or have been a part of the boating world for several years.

About Cruising Sailboats

Cruisers has a closed bow to allow a cabin and have lengths that vary from 21 . 45 ft. The cabin is usually has enough space for a simple galley, a compact head, and 1 or 2 places to sleep. Some of the Cruisers features include stereo upgrades, swim platforms, air conditioning/heating.
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