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Visibility and Confidence

  • The web's premier destination for everything boating
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  • 1 million page views per day

Cost and Simplicity

  • iboats offers the best price for the service on the web
  • Fastest and easiest way to sell your boat online with our New and Improved Sell a Boat forms
  • Thousands of predefined boat specifications to help make it easier for you to see your boat

Support and Service

  • Friendly support staff to help you every step of the way
  • Access to online Frequently asked questions and Support documentation 24/7
  • All the tools you need to help you price your boat, list it online and Sell your Boat in one simple website

Proven tips for selling a boat

When it's time to sell a boat, you've made the smart choice. Selling your boat with iboats.com is fast and easy, secure and inexpensive. Your boat for sale ad will reach millions of boaters and cost less than a typical newspaper ad. Still not convinced that you're on the right site to sell a boat? iboats.com is also the choice of marine industry professionals. The most successful boat dealers, brokers and manufacturers in the country choose iboats.com to help sell their boats.

iboats.com gives you all the tools you need to sell a boat quickly and easily. Our boat for sale ads include full color photos and detailed descriptions and are seen by iboats.com's unbeatable audience of boaters. Follow these simple tips and you will be selling your boat in no time:

  • Include photos - And the more the better. Pictures of your boat are proven to increase buyer confidence and response.

  • Detailed boat description - The description is your sales pitch. Be as detailed as possible and don't forget to list the boat's engine information. Also, be sure to include any information on any special or unique features that will help sell your boat. As a rule, boats with more detailed descriptions get more responses and sell faster.

  • Include a price - Some people believe that asking buyers to "Call for Price" will increase response and allow them an opportunity to personally sell their boat. This is not true. In fact, online boat shoppers will usually bypass a boat with no price in favor of a boat seller who includes a price.

Be cautious of scams

If a buyer offers a certified check or money order for more than the asking price was or the agreed price and then asks for the difference to be given back in some way this is a scam. The certified check or money order will be counterfeit 100% of the time.

Use extra caution with foreign transactions. Make sure you do some research on your buyer especially if you are shipping your boat overseas, in this case not only would you loose money but probably your boat. If you feel that you are working with someone that is trying to pull a scam please contact the proper authorities.

Pricing your boat to Sell using iboats Sell a Boat program

  • Compile a list or scrapbook from local classifieds and the internet of boats that are similar to yours. Compare prices, condition, engines, etc. to help you price your boat. Pricing the boat correctly for your market is an important selling strategy. Some boats command a premium in certain markets while the same boat will sell at a discount in others. Getting the price right for your market will mean a quick sale and no worries about money "left on the table."

  • The best place to find and compare boats and sales prices from many different areas is the Internet; there are a number of sites including Boats For Sale that you can use.

  • Another source for pricing information is the marine "Blue Book" that your local bank, or boat dealer may be willing to share with you. You should also check the iboats.com Boat Prices page that will help you price your boat by entering your zip code, and boat information.

Prepare for the Sale

  • Invest some time in making sure your boat is at its best before selling. Cleaning it from top to bottom, maintenance, and repairs being done before hand will earn you a higher selling price.

  • If you are selling the boat yourself make sure you have a bill of sale that includes... Buyer and sellers names, addresses, phone numbers and drivers license numbers. Include boat info, type and size of boat and registration numbers.

  • For any kind of payments. Be it a down payment, installments, or full price; make sure you write up a receipt, one copy for the buyer and one for yourself.

  • Payments should be made by cashiers checks or certified checks; you may also consider using an escrow or alternate payment service.

  • After the sale you also need to send a form (included with the pink slip) to the boat registration agency, include your boat information, the buyer's information, date of the sale and price.

Boating Ads: Sell a Boat Testimonials

Just sending a Thank you .... we used your site to sell our boat and it soldin 3 days. Clark F
We were glad to hear about iboats.com! We received many inquiries about our boat and sold it quickly! Thank you for this great website! We will refer anyone looking for a boat to iboats.com! Rachelle P
Your website is great! I listed my boat with your site and a few other sites (some of which charged a listing fee). I got nearly all of my inquiries from your service and finally sold my boat to an “iboats” buyer.
Thanks and keep up the great work!!
Mike Murray
Your service is just too wonderful! My boat sold fairly quickly last summer via your service!
Thank you,
Billie Mac Intyre
I just wanted to let you know that I put an ad in your web site on July 31st and had several serious inquiries. I am in Texas and sold my boat to someone in Connecticut. You were the only place that I placed my ad and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your help and will recommend you to anyone.
Thanks, David Theriot
Many thanks to iboats. I have sold to a man in Pennsylvania and he was also happy with the deal! Ed Dyess
I've been able to sell this boat as a direct result of your service. Thanks, Steve Carlson
Your classifieds are great. I sold the motor within 2 days to someone who lives 5 miles from me. Thanks for providing a great service! J. Carter
I advertised my boat and received a world of interest. I am in Texas and I sold my Pontoon to a man in Tenn. Iboats.com staff are the most professional team I have had the pleasure to do business with. Thanks iboats.com! You are a class act. Jeanne Green
Just wanted to let you know that after a month of ads in the Des Moines register, the iboats ad sold the boat in just one week. Good Job. Al G
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have had so many calls in just one day. I had no idea this site was so popular. We also found out about the boat we ended up buying. I cannot say enough about how useful and awesome your site is. Nicolle
I got a call about 2 hrs after placing an ad with you. We just completed the sale. Thank you! Ron McElroy
Listing another boat — your ad sold my Donzi Sweet Sixteen. The buyer and I Thank you for the successful results! David Chase
We sold our 1995 Four Winns after just two weeks on your website and just want to tell you how much we appreciate your help. Thank You! Don Goertz
I posted a boat awhile back and now have sold it. I keep getting responses so the iboats site really works! Craig Jones
I had 2 boats [listed] with you. They have sold! I will place more ads [with you] in the future! Michael Coll
Just wanted to thank you for helping me sell my boat. It took just over three weeks for me to make a deal with a person from the next town over. Thank You again, Jack Welker
Thank you so much for your help! I am sure we will be accessing your site often. Thanks again! Brenda
I have successfully sold my boat. Thanks, you guys are great! I had people calling me left and right---thanks! Wayne Wright
Your site is the best boat classified site I have seen on the web. David Smith
The boat sold. This service is fantastic, it gets results. Thanks to all. I'm in boat country, and will get out the word. Duane Rosendale
I sold my 1989 Alumacraft Dominator. I want to thank you for the opportunity to list the boat. Yours was the first of several websites it was listed on and the only one I received any inquiries from. I got about 15 responses from your site. Thanks again, Del Marty
Your web site was a great way to sell [my boat]. I have had it posted on a number of sites for some time now and had no luck. Then about 3 weeks ago I put it on your site and now it is gone. Jeffrey Swan
I have had numerous e-mails and phone calls in the last month and must say that this site definitely does work! Matt Sorum
Many thanks for your ad service — sold my boat in under 2 weeks!!! Mike Eldon
Thank you very much! I shall recommend iboats to my friends. I bought this boat last year in excellent shape. Thanks again, Tim Awbrey
I have sold my boat [on iboats] for the asking price [in 4 days]. Thanks You, John Fabris

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sell a Boat

1. How long does an ad last on iboats.com?
  • Your ad lasts for 1 Month from the day it is approved. All ad's are automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period.
2. How much does an ad cost?
  • $45/month
3. How long does it take before I can see my ad online, once I have paid for it?
  • Each ad is individually approved and can take up to two business days before it shows up in the iboats.com classifieds. *Note: Your ad's subscription period will start once it has been approved. You are not being charge for the time from placement to approval.
4. Where do I go to place an ad?
  • To place an ad, go to www.iboats.com and click on the sell a boat link. Or just Sell a Boat Now!.
5. My ad is already active, how do I log in to make changes?
  • To log in to your account you will need two things, the email address you used to create your account and the password that was sent to that email address from iboats.com.
  • You can Click here for existing Sell a Boat users to get to the iboats login window.
  • Once you are logged into your account you may click on Edit Ad Details on the right hand side to make changes to your ad.
6. I started an ad a while ago, how do I log on to edit it and get it activated?
  • You will need the email address that you started the ad with and the password that was emailed to that address.
  • If you no longer have the email address used to create the initial account please start a new account using an up to date email address or call 800-869-1686 x6.
  • Click here to log into your existing ad. You may edit your ad by clicking on the "edit ad details" make sure you click "Done" at the bottom of your screen once you have finished making changes.
  • To check out you must click on the "Done go to next step" from the review my ad page.
7. How do I stop my ad from renewing?
  • You can cancel your ad at any point in the subscription. Once you are logged into your ad you can click on the "Cancel Subscription" or "Sold my Boat", both will cancel your subscription and will give you notification across the top of your ad.
  • *NOTE Canceling the subscription will allow the ad to run for the remainder of the subscription period and will not automatically renew. Clicking on "Sold my Boat" will remove your ad from the classifieds within one business day and your ad will not automatically renew.
  • An email is automatically sent to your address on account five days before the ad is automatically renewed. If you do not wish your ad to be renewed, click on the link provided in the email and you will be logged into your ad and it will be discontinued.
8. What is a Featured Ad?
  • For an extra one-time payment of $39.95 you could feature your ad. Featuring your ad qualifies it to be shown on the Home Page of iboats.com. It will also appear at the top of the pages for relevant searches.
9. Why can't I find my ad in the classifieds yet?
  • It takes 1 business day after placing the ad for it to appear in the classifieds. The reason for the delay is, we at iboats.com look at every ad that comes in to make sure that they are not fraudulent. The billing period will not start until the ad is active in the classifieds. If it has been more than one day since placing the ad we suggest reviewing your ad and checking spelling and any other errors that might be preventing your ad from showing up in the desired areas.
* iboats Sell a Boat service is $45 per month subscription. Unless the Service is canceled or the subscription is deactivated the Ad will automatically renew at the end of 30 days.
  Cancelation or Deactivation of the iboats service is accomplished through the online Sell a Boat interface.