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About Outlaw Marine Boats

Outlaw Marine Boats Logo 141 Poplar Ridge Road
Red Deer County, ab T4S 0K6
iboats reviews Outlaw Marine: Manufacturers of Outlaw Eagle Aluminum Boats, Utility Boats, Power Boats and Jet Boats.

Outlaw Eagle boats are in Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada. Manufacturers of aluminum boats made to withstand adverse weather conditions on the water, in the shallow rivers or open lakes of the cold northern areas of Canada. Outlaw Marine was opened by two men, Alex Miller and Rob Chrunyk, in 1987 and they manufactured sport and commercial boats. Then in 1993 Chrunyk left a nd started Eagle Powerboats and built race boats. While Outlaw Marine continued in the hunting and fishing line boats.

Dale Whitesides interested in taking aluminum boats and aluminum boat building to the next level. He had been jet boat racing for 6 years and then came to work with Chrunyk at Eagle Powerboats. He came with experience in the snowmobile and jet boat building and joined the research and development department at Eagle. In 2002, Dale bought Outlaw Marine and in 2004, Dale bought Eagle Powerboats and merged them together.

Cutting edge boats were the path that Dale took his company. On a schedule of yearly improvements and fine tuning changes to keep the boats fresh and moving forward. Dale loves to race the whitewater competitions and Outlaw Eagle builds the whitewater race boats that have won many competitions. With the toughest aluminum boat bottom and strong, thick hulls, Outlaw boats are built to last. So whether you are after a river racing boat or a multi-purpose aluminum boat for hunting and fishing or after a commercial boat Outlaw Eagle has the aluminum boat you are looking for.

About Multi-Species Fishing Boats

Multi-species Boats range from 17 . 23 ft long and hulls are available in aluminum and fiberglass. These boats are often known as walleye or musky boats. They have a higher freeboard, height of a ship's side between the waterline and deck, and deep V-hull helps this boat to navigate through rough, deep waters.
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