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About Zodiac Boats

Zodiac Boats Logo 124 Spaniel Ln
Summerville, sc 29483
iboats reviews Zodiac Boats: Manufactures of Zodiac Inflatable, Tenders, and RIB Boats

Zodiac's history begins in 1896 as a airship company in France that evolved into inflatable boats, wanting to expand, Zodiac of North America came into being as division created in the 1970's, based in Stevensville, Maryland(MD) with a factory in Summerville, South Carolina(SC). Zodiac boats make inflatable boats where the floor, tubes and transom are all filled with air making the tender very light weight. Zodiacs are very easy to store and take with you, just let the air out and roll up compressing the size down to a smaller package which can fit into the back of your car.

Zodiac is know for its stability in the water and very difficult to roll because of the distribution of weight combined with where the inflatable tubes are placed. Zodiac inflatables use an outboard of a smaller size to power the inflatable, is more cost effective and has low maintenance. Making the whole package inflatable boat very affordable and a better deal than a standard fiberglass boat.

Zodiacs have been manufactured for many uses so depending on your needs for economical speed boat for cruising, fishing boat or tender to a larger ship, there is an inflatable for you. Zodiacs are often the choice for military and police operations because of the ease of storage, dependability and price. Zodiac comes to the boating community with a long history of quality, reliable boats with a nice price sticker.

About RIB Boats

RIB otherwise known as a Rigid Inflatable Boat can have a aluminum or fiberglass hull that is attached to to an inflatable outer tubes. RIBs can be propelled by using an paddle or and outboard motor. These boats are known to carry more weight and to be faster opposed to soft floor/deck inflatable boats.
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