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About Viking Yacht

Viking Yacht Logo Route 9, Po Box 308
New Gretna, nj 08224
iboats Review of Viking Yacht Boats : Manufacturer of Viking Yachts Power Yachts

Viking Yachts have a rich history; their engineers and owners have been hard at work for more than 45 years. The current owners took over Viking when it was just a seedling, struggling boat company located in New Jersey. Since then, the brand has been growing exponentially and continually improving upon itself. Buyers who purchase a Viking Yacht can be ensured that Viking is always striving to better themselves a nd the product you buy will be top of the line.

There are some aspects of Viking Yachts that make the difference between making a boat purchase and starting a boating lifestyle. The Viking staff takes pride in their product. They lead the industry in performance and luxury. The whole company is centered around a family-business atmosphere. The company will not leave you high and dry once you've purchased your boat, they want to make sure that you have the best experience possible- customer satisfaction is their main goal.

Viking keeps a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the best technology of their time. The boats are constructed with cutting-edge accuracy. Additionally, the vastly talented Viking staff keeps up the human element in check. These power yachts are safe, secure, and modern. Viking Yachts has an outstanding quality control program implemented to create reliable products. Their motor yacht owners aren't going out on the water alone by any means! The entire company stands behind their boats.

About Express Fisherman Boats

Express Fisherman are smaller than Convertible Fishing Boats and are made for higher speeds. They are well equipped for offshore fishing by being equipped with large open cockpit and fishing areas located towards the rear of the boat. These boats accommodate for short term fishing trips by providing some comforts for an overnight or weekend trip.
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