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About Velocity Boats

Velocity Boats Logo 650 Hickman Circle
Sanford, fl 32771
iboats Review of Velocity Boats: Manufacturer of Bay Boats and Center Console Powerboats

Velocity Boats have been in business since 1976, manufacturing various styles of powerboats with unique design processes and construction methods. These different styles include bay boats, center consoles, and performance boats. The staff at Velocity is made up of people who have extensive experience with boat maintenance, as well as experience in competing in tournaments with their own performance boats. These powerboats are built to fulfill different purposes, such as fishing, racing, cruising, etc. Built for better speed, performance, and fuel efficiency, Velocity powerboats are designed to give boaters the ultimate experience on the water, providing entertainment for people of any age. Whether it be one single person racing their boats in a competition or a family spending the day fishing and cruising together, Velocity boats will accommodate these boaters in many different ways.

The building process at Velocity is broad and efficient. The manufacturers use original techniques that help their powerboats to perform at their best. The primary focus at Velocity lies in the construction of the hull the hulls are built with light-weight materials and absolutely no wood to prevent rotting and decay. This type of hull is known as the "modified V", which improves steering and grants the captain more control over acceleration and deceleration. Additionally, instead of ventilating the hull, the bottom is padded, which allows these powerboats to plane more quickly, reach top speeds faster, and make sharp turns while maintaining stability. As for the interior design of each powerboat, Velocity makes sure to build in plenty of walkaround space, as well as storage space for tools, fishing equipment, etc. The bay boats in particular are built to allow boaters to go fishing whenever they please, with factory installed baitwells and casting platforms.

Velocity Boats manufacturers design new and improved powerboat models each year, but the goal to build powerboats with the best performance remains consistent. Boat owners will not be disappointed with the result of their Velocity boat because they are built by qualified boaters who understand what is required to construct boats that are superior in structure and overall performance. These powerboats create entirely new standards in quality, and help boaters to feel safe and have confidence on the water. Velocity boats are the perfect product for a fun-filled weekend with friends and family and will last for several years.

About Flats Boats

Flat Boats are designed to to travel skinny waters used for extremely shallow drafts which is under 1 ft deep. They range usually from 14 . 18 ft. Push poles, used to navigate shallow water, and steel hulls are the most standard features when it comes to Flat Boats.
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