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About Triton Boats

Triton Boats Logo 2500 E. Kearney
Springfield, mo 65898 Review of Triton Boats: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Boats

Triton Boats are one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass boats in the country today, placing its focus on building safe, long-lasting boats. The manufacturers dedicate much of their time on the interior and run several tests to make certain that the performance runs smoothly and safely. Keeping this goal in mind, Triton is constantly working on new models each year that will top the models from the year before. Although they continue to improve upon their boats every year, their older fiberglass models remain just as safe the older they get, as if they are brand new and right out of the assembly line.

Unlike most other fiberglass boats, Triton does not include wood among the materials used to construct their models. This is due to the fact that over time, wood rots, causing structural decay. Instead, they use polyurethane substances, which never rots, thus prolonging the life of the fiberglass boat and keeping it in seemingly new condition. In short, Triton is nothing less than efficient in the construction of their boats.

Triton also puts extra effort into the stringer systems inside their fiberglass boats. These systems are superior in quality, with advanced mechanical designs that improve the overall performance of the boat. Furthermore, they install larger amounts of of foam materials to make the boat float better in the water. This is done through a long, complicated process of injecting foam into various areas of the fiberglass boat, such as the stringer system and throughout the entire body. This further supports the idea that Triton's main ambition is to keep boaters and additional passengers safe while riding.

With these methods, Triton successfully creates fiberglass models that will last for several years, keeping their boats in new condition even if they are used and over ten years old. Purchasing a Triton fiberglass boat, whether it be new or used, would be one of the wisest investments one could make. It's practical, secure, and will last a lifetime, providing fun for the whole family.

About Express Fisherman Boats

Express Fisherman are smaller than Convertible Fishing Boats and are made for higher speeds. They are well equipped for offshore fishing by being equipped with large open cockpit and fishing areas located towards the rear of the boat. These boats accommodate for short term fishing trips by providing some comforts for an overnight or weekend trip.
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