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Supra Boats Logo 1717 Henry G. Lane Street
Maryville, tn 37801 Review of Supra Boats: Manufacturer of Supra Wake Boat, Watersport Boat and Bowrider Boat.

In 1981 George Fowler started Supra Boats in Greenback, Tennessee(TN) to create a family sized, more luxurious ski boat. Supra is now owned by Skier's Choice and is located in Maryville, Tennessee(TN). Watersport boats continue to be the life blood of Supra Boats. Two questions are at the core of their design process: will the design add to the ride-ability of their new boat and will the de sign compliment the live-ability of their watercraft? These questions help Supra Boats to focus on improving the features most looked at for wake boats, living space and playing field. Innovative design to provide more seating as well as increasing the ability to comfortably view the action on the water has been Supra's objective.

Supra exclusively uses Indmar engines which along with the drive train systems are warranted for 5 years. Innovation is the key word for Supra's construction process for building the best wake boat out there. With that same vision of continuous development, Supra partnered with Indmar, and jointly developed the Indmar 345 Surf Engine, 5.7 liter, 345 horsepower, which is the standard engine for Supra's new boats. The Indmar 345 was engineered for a very quick yet smooth acceleration in any condition of water. Supra also offers three engine upgrades for speed and power which comes in the Indmar 400, 450 and 550 horsepower creating an increase in throttle response and towing power.

Supra creates a standard of refinement in their interiors not only for the driver, but for the passengers also, to increase their comfort and relaxation. Add music with the Polk Sound System coming standard with 10 speakers and you have an instant party. New metal flake colors are now available in gel coat colors increasing the style and look of Supra's bowrider boats. Since Supra is focused on watersports, their new wake boats are made to create differing types of wave for the watersport athletes. Surpa boats create two huge walls of water off both sides of the wake boat and with special SmartPlate, calms the center of the water. The exciting part of these waves is the curl that speaks to many watersport enthusiasts. Each Supra model can be upgraded to a tournament special edition with their world package.
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