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Handcrafted by artisans. Skiff Craft boats are lovingly made by hand one at a time. Building one takes two to three months, so only a limited number are made each year. A master builder personally selects the materials to be custom milled and machined. Then each boat is meticulously crafted from framework to finish by a team of artisans who ply their time-honored skills. You’ll love the result.

The finest design and materials. This classic wooden boat i s steeped in tradition and built with integrity. The large cockpit creates a feeling of spaciousness and luxury, unlike anything else on the water. Air-dried white oak is selected for the keel and one-piece ribs are steamed and formed. Fir plywood specially ordered from the Pacific Northwest is chosen for the keel-to-gunwhale hull. Quality is everywhere, down to the brass screws and stainless-steel bolts.
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