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About Skagit Boats

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Bellingham, wa 98225 Review of Skagit Orca Boats: Manufacturer of Skagit Orca Pilot House Boats, Sportfishing Boats.

Skagit Orca Boats are built in Ferndale, Washington(WA). As part of Triton Marine Industries, Skagit Orca manufactures Pilot House Boats for all the sportfishing boaters out there. In the Puget Sound area, open rough water is the norm so the Pilot House boats, Skagit Orca manufacture are built for any type of weather. In the beginning, Skagit Orca started with one model, 22ft and now t here are five Pilot House models starting with 22ft up to 27ft. Skagit's new boats provide a comfortable, dry ride even in weather you would be crazy to be out in.

In building the Skagit Orca pilot house boats, they hand lay structural components then the curing process allows extra days to securely set your new boat to last. All the spaces in the hull, deck and pilot house structure have been pressure injected with polyurethane foam to seal against water or extra weight. This careful attention to detail provide the strength you will need in the hull and deck area. The transom is given several layers of fiberglass with 2 inches of foam and more layer of liner fiberglass. Then adding the molded compartment for the engine and a knee unit provides the strength to hold up to fierce weather conditions.

Three different lengths, two with extended cabin options make up the 5 models in our line up of new boats at Skagit Orca. Pilot House sportfishing boats provide the fishing enjoyment you are looking for in inland or offshore boating. Take your family out for fun, cruising the area or use it as a island commuter, no matter what your objective, Skagit Orca provides what you need. The extended cabin models in the 24ft and 27ft have the addition of the stand-up shower in the head. These extended cabins provide an extra creature comfort with out boating. Skagit Orca is proud to present its pilot house boats to the serious fisherman, the family that loves to cruise or commute or even the day charter operators.

About Pilot House Boats

Pilot House Boats feature a fully enclosed cockpit with large windows and are built to ride rough seas while allowing the passengers to stay dry. These boats can be powered by outboards, stern drives, or inboard. Pilot Houses are popular for many types of fishing and cruising.
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