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About Silverton Yachts

Silverton Yachts Logo Po Box 702
Egg Harbor City, nj 08215
iboats Review of Silverton Yachts: Manufacturer of Sport Yachts

Silverton Yachts have been manufacturing luxurious, high quality yachts for nearly 40 years. Built with large, spacious deck space and beautifully designed interiors, Silverton yachts are among the best performing vessels on the water today. Apart from being structurally strong, the interior cabins are sophisticated and personalized to the boat owner's liking. The deck includes many built-in features, such as stainless steel hardw are, a walk-thru transom, cockpit access to the engine room and storage space, and ¼ inch bow rails. Simultaneously, the cabin below deck is completely furnished with glossy cherry wood cabinets and tables, as well as leather couches and designer bedsheets and drapes. Additionally, the cabin includes air conditioning, hookups for telephones and cable, and entertainment centers. Every detail is attended to when constructing a Silverton yacht, providing passengers with safety and every possible convenience.

Safety is also immensely contemplated in the construction process of a Silverton yacht; the manufacturers do not approach safety issues lightly, and seek to meet the standards set by yacht owners everywhere. The mechanics of a Silverton yacht are advanced, to say the least. Combined with the solid body structure, these yachts promise to function in any condition and last for several years to come. Extra measures are taken at Silverton by including equipment such as carbon monoxide detectors, protective earmuffs for the engine room, flare kits, and life vests.

Silverton offers many optional features and equipment that contribute to the long-lasting good reputation of their yachts. Some of the cosmetic advantages include teak decking, fish livewells, a washer and dryer, and an integrated swim platform with a ladder. Additionally, there are many electric perks, which include interior lighting with a remote, trash compactors, and satellite television. Boat and yacht lovers will feel right at home aboard a Silverton yacht—one cannot argue that these vessels are reliable and extravagant inside and out. Silverton continues to exceed expectations year by year, constantly seeking to accommodate the needs of those looking for a yacht with the best quality and character.

About Express Fisherman Boats

Express Fisherman are smaller than Convertible Fishing Boats and are made for higher speeds. They are well equipped for offshore fishing by being equipped with large open cockpit and fishing areas located towards the rear of the boat. These boats accommodate for short term fishing trips by providing some comforts for an overnight or weekend trip.
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