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About SeaLegs Boats

SeaLegs Boats Logo 259 Franklin St
Bristol, ri 02809
iboats Review of Sea Legs Boats: Manufacturer of Sea Legs Aluminum-Based Inflatable Boats.

Sea Legs Boats was established in 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand; the main headquarters in New Zealand collaborate with partners in countries worldwide, such as South Africa, the United States, and Australia. Sea Legs is best known for their inflatable boats, which are used for recreation as well as professionally. These inflatable boats are often used for military purposes or as rescue boats, and can fit as many as six passengers depending on the model and size. Generally, these boats range between 6 and 8 feet in length and are built with outboard engines, primarily Evinrude or Honda. Additionally, the recreational models are great for towing skiers or tubes and can reach high speeds in a shorter amount of time. Sea Legs inflatable boats are designed to pull out of the water faster than what is ordinarily expected from an inflatable vessel.

Unlike many inflatables, Sea Legs boats are often built with trailerable wheels, with one wheel in the front and two in the back. These boats are designed this way in order to make traveling more accessible and attainable for the owner. Sea Legs inflatables are also known as "amphibious marine crafts" giving the impression that these vessels can really cut through the water and are easy to maneuver and steer. This concept is especially useful for the models that are intended for military and rescue aid. The hulls are lined with marine grade aluminum, further increasing the life expectancy of these boats. Because of the design of the hull and the added option of having twin outboard motors, Sea Legs inflatables are designed to get from point A to point B much more quickly than anticipated.

There are many optional features that are available to Sea Legs boat owners. Some cosmetic features include boarding ladders, bait boards, galvanized anchors, back rests, fold down windscreens, trailers, etc. Some other electric-based options include power steering and all wheel drive. Furthermore, those who own a Sea Legs inflatable boat have the option of installing high quality electronic devices, such as GPS/Snoar, fish finders, and VHF radios. Everything is considered at Sea Legs in order to create a vessel that is safe, reliable, and can serve multiple purposes. These inflatable boats have proven to be incredibly useful in many scenarios and are built to last for a few good years. Prospective owners will not be disappointed with the results.

About Pilot House Boats

Pilot House Boats feature a fully enclosed cockpit with large windows and are built to ride rough seas while allowing the passengers to stay dry. These boats can be powered by outboards, stern drives, or inboard. Pilot Houses are popular for many types of fishing and cruising.
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