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ScottBoat PGS 16, The Ultimate Fishing Boat and Hunting Boat

ScottBoat PGS 16, The Ultimate Fishing Boat and Hunting Boat
The ScottBoat PGS 16 is a simple and versatile duck hunting boat, fishing boat or flyfishing boat. The Scottboat PGS 16 is not your average square stern canoe, in fact, it isn't a canoe at all. Engineered to be the most stable platform in it's class for sportsmen, rated up to a 15 h.p. outboard it simply out performs other shallow water skiffs and makes getting back on you r favorite fishing and hunting water simple. At 16 ft long by 53 inches wide, weighing 215 lbs and drafting only 4 inches, and designed with the unique ScottBoat Stabilization System, a reverse chined hull running the entire length of the PGS 16, it delivers big boat performance with out all those hassles. It's proprietary ScottBoat Armor Tuff fiberglass hand construction makes it extremely durable and much stronger than chop strand construction. A great choice for fly fishermen, as a duckboat, for waterfowlers to hunt out of or get to duck blinds, angling or hunting on slow moving rivers, or shallow waters, it accomodates a number of different style outboards and the ScottBoat performs. Two wide and deep 9 1/2 foot rails allow for lots of storage for duck hunters, goose hunters fly fishing rods and reels and other valuable gear. The Scottboat PGS 16 is ideal for standing and fly casting and for covering water quickly.

Check out the boat that fishermen and waterfowlers all over the country are now using on their favorite waters, ScottBoat.

About Utility Boats

Utility boats are usually 12 . 20 ft long and are well versed for tough use. They are best used for inland lakes and other shallow waters which makes the perfect for freshwater fishing. Utility boats are made out of aluminum and they are usually light which helps with transporting.
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