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About Riva Boats

Riva Boats Logo Via Ansaldo 7
Forli, intl 19126
iboats Review of Riva Boats: Manufacturer of Riva Fiberglass Sport Yachts

Riva Boats headquarters are located in Sarnico, Italy, and has been manufacturing fiberglass yachts for several decades now. However, Riva has been a part of the boating scene for much longer; the company was originally established by Pietro Riva as far back as 1842. Since this time, Riva Boats has been run by the Riva family, who have helped to revolutionize the standards of building long-lasting, reliable yachts that w ill comfortably fit large groups of passengers. These yachts range between approximately 27 and 68 feet in length, giving off a classy and sporty look. These sport yachts undergo extensively thorough designing and construction processes. Each of these vessels are built by boaters and yacht owners who have many years of knowledge and experience, ensuring nothing less than the best quality in each individual yacht.

Every year, Riva Boats designers are coming up with new and exciting designs to keep up with an ever-changing boating world. However, Riva has not in any way lowered their standards in the areas that matter. Manufacturers strive to build a sport yacht that is sturdy in structure and spacious in size that will appeal to each individual yacht owner, depending on his or her personal taste. This applies to the exterior look as well as the interior layout. The wood work furnishing below deck is made with fine mahogany or streaked wood, and the upholstery consists of the best quality marine vinyls available. Each of these components are available in a variety of shades and colors, giving Riva yacht owners every possible option.

There are currently several different models available in different sizes and styles at Riva Boats. These model series consist of the following: Miami, Coupe, and Flybridge. Riva is currently working on designing and constructing the latest model known as the 122 Mythos. Those who own a Riva yacht or are interested in investing in one in the near or distant future will not be disappointed with the quality, performance, and outward appearance of these vessels. Boaters of all ages will enjoy many fun-filled weekend getaways and vacations when boarding a Riva yacht.

About Runabout Boats

Runabout boats range from 14 . 24 ft long and are similar to Bowriders. Opposed to the open seating of the Bowrider offers the Runabout has an enclosed deck. Also, they are known and considered to be more sporty as well.
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