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Qwest Edge Boats Logo 300 Woodside Dr
St. Louis, mi 48880
iboats Review of Qwest Edge Pontoons: Manufacturer of Qwest Edge Pontoons, Fishing Pontoons, Sporting Pontoons, and Cruising Pontoons

Why would somebody want to buy a pontoon? Qwest Edge has an answer to that question. If you're out on the lake and need the room to fish, you might need a pontoon. If you want a boat that can fit more than 2-3 people to fish with, then you would need a Qwest Edge pontoon. After a long day of boating, you need time to relax, and a party barge would be perfect, th en you might need a pontoon. At a competitive price, Qwest Edge gives you an option of a luxurious pontoon that you can ride around in style. No matter the need, whether it be fishing, cruising, or partying, Qwest Edge, which is owned and made by APEX Marine, has something that you can boast about to your friends.

Qwest Edge has 8 pontoons from which you can choose. They have 8 models in three different lengths: 14 feet, 16 feet, and 18 feet. There are some models that accommodate the pontoon fisherman with fishing seats up at the front of the vessel. Then there are other Qwest Edge models that allow for more comfort and more people such as the 7516 SC, which has the fishing seats, captains chair, couches, and corner seats. There is also the roomy 7516 Outfitter, which comes with no standard seats so you can customize your pontoon the way you want, even if that means including just a few seats for more room to fish. If you need a little more room for party guests, then you can't go wrong with the Qwest Edge 7518 pontoons, which allows for some extra room to relax and enjoy your time out on the water.

Qwest Edge and APEX marine take the extra time needed to make sure you have the best upholstery work done. It has 33 oz stain resistant top coated base vinyl and material, which is puncture resistant and treated to resist mold and mildew. Each Qwest Edge Pontoon has high density foam designed to be soft in the back and firm on the cushion. The high density foam has greater form retention as well. Seat bases on the pontoons are stronger and provide that extra room needed for storage. Seat bases are shimmed off the floor as well and include plastic spacers. Reason for this is to provide maximum ventilation at the floor where it might be needed most. If you doubt the reasons to own a pontoon boat, then let Qwest Edge by APEX Marine set those doubts to rest.
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