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About Procraft Boats

Procraft Boats Logo 2500 E. Kearney
Springfield, mt 65898

Procraft Boats began more than two decades ago, quickly gaining a reputation for quality and a meticulous attention to detail which it carries to this day across its line of fiberglass performance bass boats and fish-and-ski combos.

From the beginning, fishing legend Bill Dance has made Procraft Boats his fiberglass fishing brand of choice.

In 1988, Procraft Boats became part of Tracker Marine Group, one of America’s foremost boat builders and the nation ’s leading manufacturer of fishing boats.

In the year 2000, Procraft Boats reached a milestone with the introduction of the new Super Pro Series. The Super Pro 190, 200 and 210 models were designed expressly for top tournament competition and provided an exciting new alternative for competitive anglers. The flagship Super Pro 210 distinguished itself by teaming with BASS Angler of the Year Tim Horton for his winning 2000 season.

That same year, Procraft Boats expanded to four its line of popular ski-and-fish combos. Widely sought-after for their outstanding combination of fishing and water sports capabilities, these boats gained a loyal following of existing Procraft boat owners and new buyers in search of a versatile boat well suited to family activities.

In 2007, Procraft Boats introduced two all-new midsize performers: the Pro 176 and Pro 186. These modern, low profile boats are agile, fully featured and equipped with new modular consoles for added strength and roominess. Redesigned gunnels allow expanded fishing decks and high-capacity storage. Truly an angler’s delight!


For 2008, our distinguished Procraft boat line of pro-fishing, pro-family boats totals ten models—from 16 feet to over 20 feet in length.

You’ll find our three Super Pro models are designed with a full complement of tournament features. The Procraft professional fishing team can vouch for their superior performance.

Four Pro models provide a range of choices for serious weekend anglers and occasional tournament competitors. Among the Pro series models is the versatile 205, specially equipped to fish salt or freshwater. The Pro 176 and 186 models offer agile and roomy platforms in a low profile, highly fishable design.

The two Procraft Combo models skillfully combine fish-and-ski fun for the entire family. It’s a sporty design with a versatile combination of fishing and water sports features. By carefully blending quality and performance, Procraft Boats has once again produced boats that not only meet the needs of serious anglers but those of their families as well.


Regardless of your criteria, the 2009 Procraft boat models are designed to exceed your expectations.


It’s a journey that has no end. A quest for improvement that began over 20 years ago with the very first boat Procraft produced. It’s the knowledge that no matter how good our boats perform and how well they’re received, we know that we can always find ways to make them even better.

Guiding us in that process is feedback from our customers. Every Procraft boat buyer receives an invitation to evaluate his or her experience up to four times in the first two years of ownership. Equipped with continuous feedback from this Voice of the Customer information system, our designers and engineers plan improvements to deliver on customer needs. And they don’t stop there.

The high-tech fit, finish and feel of the new Procraft Pro 176 and 186 models are enhanced by features such as digital switching and a soft-touch booted keypad. Whether you’re fishing tournaments or merely sharpening your skills, you have more than your bilge to think about. That’s why we include an auto-bilge feature on these models. For increased electrical reliability, we’ve also sealed all wiring connectors.

About Fish Ski Boats

Fish 'n Ski Boats are more family oriented boats due to the fact they are used for skiing fun and fishing. They range within 16 . 24 ft long. Fish 'n Ski boats will usually come standard with live wells and tie downs for fishing rods as well as removable, elevated tow bars and ski lockers.
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