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About Pioneer Boats

Pioneer Boats Logo 208 Upchurch Lane
Walterboro, sc 29488
iboats Review of Pioneer Boats: Manufacturer of Pioneer Fishing Boats, Bass Boats, Offshore boats

Fishing, to some, is a profession. Fishing, to others, is a nice way to relax on the water. Pioneer Boats is proud to manufacture fishing boats that will give you a great experience out on the water for any angler. The manufacturing process of Pioneer Boats is unique to many other fishing boats. Pioneer uses what they call "capping the hull in the mold" in their fishing boats. Most manufacturer's use the shoebox method, which is just putting the deck on top of the mold like a shoe box. Pioneer caps their deck inside the hull which is still in the mold. This is a unique way of designing a fishing boat and it is a slower way of doing it, but it allows for more durability.

Pioneer offers uniqueness when it comes to not only the hull, but the transom as well on their fishing boats. Where the deck and the hull meet, there is a little gap. Most manufacturer's will just caulk it and cover it up with a piece of stainless or chrome and screw it on to cover that gap. Pioneer refuses to do that, they glass that transom back together. They smooth it out by hand and come and cover it with gelcoat. It makes that transom more sturdy and keeps up its longevity. Also Pioneer does not do plastic rod holders for their fishing boats. Some manufacturer's saw out a spot for rod holders, but Pioneer Boats integrates it right into the deck on their fishing boats and they do not use plastic.

Pioneer Fishing Boats are built by people who enjoy both boating and fishing. They know exactly what they would want in a boat and seek to apply that in their own fishing boats. Pioneer makes sure that they not only finish the outside, but that there is a great finish on the inside as well. When looking at the a bilge hatch or opening any lid on a Pioneer boat, you will see the same glossy finish underneath each compartment. Other manufacturer's might paint in black or webbed finishes to hide imperfections. It may not be production friendly for Pioneer, but they know the manufacturing process they take is consumer friendly. That is the most important thing to a boat manufacturer.

About Bay Boats

Bay Boats lengths vary from 18 . 24 ft and are typically made of fiberglass. These boats are best suited for more shallow waters near large bays, deltas, or areas near the shore. Bay Boats can carry 2 . 6 people depending on the max load and any additional gear. Some features can include rod holders, storage for fishing tackle, live wells, and Bimini(s).
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