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About Pelican Boats

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iboats Review of Pelican Boats: Manufacturer of Sport and Fishing Kayaks

Pelican Boats has been manufacturing kayaks for over 45 years, using the highest quality materials and the most advanced construction processes. Pelican kayaks are undergo an extensive process of laying multiple layers of RAM-X materials. RAM-X consists of polyethylene and high quality resin, which improves impact and UV resistance, leaves the outermost layer more glossy and long-lasting, and makes the kayak more level on the water, therefore making it a much safer ride. Pelican combines the RAM-X with Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology, which makes the kayak itself lighter in weight, but stronger in structure and overall durability. Pelican kayaks are versatile in both body and ability, allowing people to easily store it in the back of their vehicles and travel short and long distances to the lake.

A Pelican kayak can fulfill many different purposes and activities, seating between 1-2 passengers depending on the size and model. The various models range between 10 and 13 feet in length, and 29 and 32 inches in the beam. The fishing kayaks in particular include accessories and tools that enhance the experience for a fisherman, such as rod holders, storage platforms, etc. For those who have not had a lot of experience navigating a kayak of any kind, Pelican builds different levels of kayaks that will accommodate the needs of those who are beginning, intermediate, or expert. Everything is taken into consideration at Pelican during the building process of these kayaks in order to reassure boat owners of the quality and convenience of their products.

There are several standard features that are installed directly by Pelican manufacturers that further improve the credibility and performance of their kayaks. Some of these features include: adjustable footpegs, carrying handles, paddle tie-downs, drain plugs, Ergolite seating systems, and so on. Pelican manufacturers make sure to include future boat owners in the building process, to ensure that the kayaks are designed just as they desire. Combining the technology and materials with the wish to create many memorable experiences for kayak owners, Pelican successfully creates vessels that will not fail to impress for many years to come.

About Jon Boats

Jon Boats have 1 . 3 bench seats installed, an open hull, and can range from 8 . 24 ft long. This style of boat is commonly used for hunting and fishing in calmer inland waters like lakes, rivers, etc because of their low freeboard and flat bottoms. Also, Jon Boats usually have a lot of options to upgrade to make sure the vessel suits your needs.
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