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Paddle Qwest Boats Logo 300 Woodside Drive
St. Louis, mo 48880
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Some people say pontoons are only powered by outboard or sterndrive applications. Or so the industry would have you believe. Apparently these people have never seen the Paddle Qwest pontoons. These vessels are powered by you through pedal power. This is the first and only compact pontoon on the market that is powered through the pedal. Paddle Qwest is mixed with pontoon style ameni ties and the riverboat paddle wheel drive. It has all the comfort and room that pontoons generally offer, but is a health focused alternative to enjoying time out on the water. Operation is smooth with a stick steering system. It is ideal for smaller lakes and ponds, but Paddle Qwest is rugged enough to handle any water.

No compromise is taken in construction either with Paddle Qwest Pontoons. Frames include the dual saddle brackets where each bracket is welded inside and out. Two brackets support each side of each cross with four contact points. This creates a well distributed and rigid attachment to each tube. Each of the brackets are made of 6063 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Cross channels are set on 24 inch center as well. This adds extra support for your motor mount. Pontoon construction durability is still a priority even with the Paddle Qwest. Tubes are still constructed with .080 inch aluminum with baffled seams to protect from damage and adding strength.

Paddle Qwest comes in 6 different models with two lengths. There is a 14 foot pontoon and a 16 foot one as well. Each Paddle Qwest Pontoon comes with unique standard features. For example each comes with a Teleflex Steering system with an aluminum rudder. Most models will come with fishing seats with removable pedestals. It's easy to use with aluminum pedals. You sit on the comfortable couch and when you are ready to move you sit simply stay seated on the couch and pedal to move. Paddle Qwest is not your average pontoon and is unique pontoon offered through APEX Marine. So if you want to enjoy a day at the lake and you want power the boat yourself look to Paddle Qwest Pontoons to give you that opportunity.
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