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About Nautique Boats

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Orlando, fl 32832 Review of Correct Craft Nautique Boats: Manufacturer of Correct Craft Nautique Ski Boats, Wake Boats, Tow Boats.

Correct Craft Nautique Boats was conceived in 1925. Known first as Florida Variety Boats in Pine Castle, Florida(FL) and became the first company to trailer their boats on the highway instead of by train. In 1930 they changed the name to Pine Castle Boat and Construction Company and then again in 1936 after listening to a radio commercial changed their name to Correct Craft and was the first company to use tow pylons. In 1942 they opened another plant in Titusville to manufacture new boats for a government contract and by 1945 a contract for 400 boats in 15 days to be used in the war. Streamlining their process to accommodate building more new boats faster than they ever had, they were able to construct the vessels in record time. National Geographic called it a “Miracle Production” which strengthened Correct Craft's reputation as a dependable, quality boat builder. Correct Craft started to offer the first swim platforms to the design of the boat. In 1957, Leo Bentz builds the first Ski Nautique and approaches Correct Craft with an offer to sell the design to them. The offer isn't accepted as they haven't been building fiberglass boats. Leo Bentz again approaches Correct Craft and this time the design deal goes through. Correct Craft starts to integrate tracking fins into the boats designs.

Orlando, Florida becomes the new plant for manufacturing Correct Craft boats in 1966. Correct Craft starts a relationship with the Masters Waterski Tournament and Correct Craft creates it's first ski team, named Team Nautique. The Nautique design is developed over the years in ski boats and in 1997 the first specific wakeboard boat with an innovative hull design was introduced along with a Flight Control tower and ballast tanks as standard features to produce big air. In 2004, Nautique creates and offers the "crossover" boat that has the sportshift, located near the throttle, with one shift the driver can create designer wakes for a new experience.

Now days, Correct Craft uses CAD designing to produce precision engineered molds to create their hull designs, always upgrading and using new technology to keep at the top of the field that push up the wake to new levels. Thus helping to meet the needs and demands of today's watersport lovers for wake boats and tow boats.. Three passes of gel coat and then the skin are sprayed on before adding the foam floatation that will keep the tow boats from sinking. Next, as the boat is separated from the mold and the top side of the boat is made adding all the wiring and needed accessories the two are fitted together to form a watertight seal. The new boat is then buff and check over before being put through its paces to make sure everything is working at top condition before being offered to the public. Correct Craft works to ensue that quality and innovation are part of each new Nautique.

About Ski Wakeboard Boats

Ski and Wakeboard are typically 19 . 23 ft long and are known to be popular with watersport enthusiasts. Depending on the type of boat you can create a a large wake behind the boat or a flat one. Most of these boats are powered by inboard engines but there are models available that can use an outboard engine.
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