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About Nautic and Art Boats

Nautic and Art Boats Logo 310, rue du Parc Industriel
Windsor, qc J1S 2T1
iboats Review of Nautic and Art Boats: Manufacturer of Inflatable Rescue Boats

Located in Canada, Nautic and Art Boats manufactures inflatable rescue boats made of high quality hypalon. These boats are used for rescue, emergency aid, and military purposes. Nautic and Art inflatable boats come in many styles and sizes, under four primary series: Nav10, Nav16 HD, Nav19 HD, and Polar 75; these vessels can fit anywhere between 2 and 6 passengers. The inflatable tubs are completely hand crafted by experienced boaters who have an extensive understanding of what is required to create a high quality, safe inflatable boat. Nautic and Art manufacturers take every detail into consideration in order to reassure passengers that their vessel is one of the safest in the world of inflatable rescue boats.

Nautic and Art uses hypalon layering when constructing their inflatable boats. This process consists of five layers which is laid out as follows: 1)Hypalon; 2)Neoprene; 3)Adhesive; 4)Polyester; 5)Neoprene. There are many advantages to this construction method and fabric which contribute to creating a vessel that is structurally strong and stable. Nautic and Art relies on this process because it makes their inflatable boats more UV resistant, fire resistant, and less likely to fade over time. These are core reasons that the military and emergency aid rely on Nautic and Art inflatable boats—the strongest materials and most efficient construction processes are guaranteed to last for longer periods of time and fulfill many purposes.

Nautic and Art inflatable boats are incredibly reliable and are built for extra comfort for the passengers. Used for the noblest of purposes, these inflatable boats are perfect for rescue efforts and military use. Thanks to the intelligent use of hypalon materials, Nautic and Art inflatable boats are more likely to withstand harsh weather conditions and are less likely to fade. These vessels are structurally strong, as well as stylish and comfortable. Nautic and Art inflatable boats will continually impress those who are in the military or involved with rescue aid.

About Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are known to be smaller boats and range from 6 . 14 ft long. They have floor can be flexible or rigid by using aluminum floorboards or plywood. Also, Inflatable Boats have pressurized, air inflated sides and bow and can be powered by outboard motors if the transom which is usually rigid. These boats are easy to transport and store because they can be deflated.
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