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Mako Boats Logo 2500 E. Kearney
Springfield, mo 65803
iboats Review of Mako Boats: Manufacturer of Offshore, Skiff, Inshore, and Flats boats.

Calling all Fishermen: here is your home away from home. If you love fishing, you can do it in style on your brand new Mako boat. Mako's offshore, inshore, skiff, and flats boats docked into the saltwater fishing world over 40 years ago. They announced a great line of center console boats that are designed with love, interest and the top of the line accessories. These boats are fit for saltwater anglers. Ma ko Offshore, Inshore, Skiff and Flat boats are created with the best design and durability. You will be satisfied with your brand New Mako boat for a lifetime.

Mako Offshore, Inshore, Skiff and Flats fishing boats are a fisherman's dream come true. With the glossy, dry ride, and dependable structure, you can arrive at your fishing destination in comfort and safety. Mako offshore boats have an awesome list of fishing features, one being the platform. It is safe and stable in rough water or bad weather conditions. Other features that these boats come with are bait tanks, storage area, fishing rod holders and much more. Mako's lineup of boats come in sizes between 16 and 28 feet long with a large arrangement of models.

Mako boats are crafted by a team of experts with years of experience and a love for fishing. Mako Offshore, Inshore, Skiff, and Flats boats begin with the latest design. The manufacturing of every boat starts in the warehouse where hulls, deck and fiberglass items are made using the best equipment. Each Mako Offshore, Inshore, Skiff and Flats boat goes through a series of inspections from start to finish to ensure that their customers will have a quality boat that fits their lifestyle.
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