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About Larson Boats

Larson Boats Logo 790 Markham Dr.
Pulaski, wi 54162
iboats Review of Larson Boats: Manufacturer of Larson Ski Boats, Fishing Boats, Runabout Boats and Cruiser Boats.

In 1913, at 19 years old, Paul Larson drew a design of a duck boat and then he built it. When other people saw the finished product, a double-ended vessel, they wanted one just like it. He bought a woodworking machine with money he earned from trapping and Larson Boats was born in Little Falls, Minnesota(MN). Paul had a passion for water, boats and designing. He made a commitment t o produce a fishing boat, and other models, that offer a superior experience for family boaters and has kept that promise for over 100 years.

Larson uses the patented VEC technology to produce precision hulls in their fishing boats with an integrated composite stringer set up. This process creates a stronger and lighter boat, making it faster, drier, and gives you a quiet ride. The VEC hulls are so reliable and durable that every fishing boat hull has a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The warranty can be transferred to the current owner of the fishing boat or the ski boat, helping increase the resale value. The VEC Technology computers control the styrene emission to low level, which makes it a green product. This has earned Larson Boats the Clean Air Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

With the VEC technology, Larson's entry level fishing boats and ski boats have a larger interior than the competition's larger boats. Larson's fishing boats are luxurious and have better performance in rough water because of the deep, wide beam in their larger boats. Larson also builds custom features in their fishing boats based on their customers requests. Larson's All American ski boat series was updated with the VEC hull to give a similar, elegant style, which has been redesigned from the 1960's model for which Larson was famous. Extreme performance rocket boats are offered to watersport enthusiasts with the extra power needed and appealing look. The luxury day cruisers have more upgrades that make them have a more impressive look, and they are more fun to drive, but they keep a great value. Finally, the fishing boats have plenty of storage and raised front and aft deck for comfort and convenience that sportsmen are looking for. Larson boats carry a large line of options and boat designs to meet boater's needs across the industry at a good value and with up to date technology to please today's watersport buyers.

About Deck Boats

Deck Boats have wide beams and have a v-hull the combination of these features can offer more stability for the passengers on the boat. These boats are powered by stern drive or outboard motors and can be constructed by fiberglass or aluminum. One of the main features of Deck Boats is the open deck which has plenty of space for seating. The bow of the boat can be blunted, rounded, or squared off which may allow room for a platform. Also, Deck Boats lengths range from 25 . 35 ft.
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