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J Boats Logo 557 Thames St
Newport, ri 02840
iboats Review of J Boats: Manufacturer of J Boat Sailboat Yachts

J Boats is a family owned business that was established by Rod Johnstone in 1977. J Boats manufactures fiberglass sailboat yachts that range between approximately 22 and 43 feet in length. J Boats sailboat yachts are well known for their narrow hull designs that allow the boat to cut through water more swiftly. The hulls are also constructed to have a lower center of gravity, which has a better VMG count (Velocity-Made-Good). The se vessels are great for cruising/sailing, as well as reaching high speeds in a shorter amount of time; the sails are one of the main reasons that these sailboats naturally reach top end speeds. The captain will quickly discover, when behind the helm, that they are in complete control when it comes to steering and maintaining a controllable speed.

J Boats sailboat yachts undergo an extensive construction and testing process that includes hand-laid fiberglass and laminate layering, as well as the SCRIMP resin infusion process; this contributes to the higher-than-average glass to resin ratio. J Boats then binds the hull and deck of their sailboat yachts together with a methacrylate structural adhesive. Simultaneously, the mast of each J Boats sailboat yacht is lined with carbon fiber. The hull has a fine gelcoat finish with a variety of color options for the yacht owner to choose from. All of these components are covered by J Boats' 10 year anti-osmosis warranty and a 5 year structural warranty.

J Boats sailboat yachts include many interior features that enhance the physical appeal. Specifically, the J/133 model, which is also the largest model measuring up to 43 feet in length, is built with three sleeping cabins, plenty of storage space, and seating group arrangements that are comfortable and elaborate. J Boats saiboat yachts include every possible luxury for passengers to enjoy. Furthermore, these vessels are built to last for many years to come, so boaters and yacht lovers can take advantage and create many fun-filled memories among families and friends.
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