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About Hustler Powerboats Boats

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Calverton, ny 11933
iboats review of Hustler Powerboats: Manufacturer of Hustler Powerboats, Performance Boats, V-Hull Boats, Catamaran Boats and Offshore Boats.

Hustler Powerboats came to be in 1979 when a need for an offshore boat that would be safer, have better accommodations and provided faster speeds. In the 1980's powerboats were getting the fast speeds customers wanted but they had too many problems and weren't safe enough at those faster speeds. Hustler Powerboats stepped up to the plate and offered t he Hustler 32 design. The 32 performance boat was the beginning and Hustler continued to work to refine and improve the design and with dual engines increasing the speed.

By 1984, Hustler had sped forward with unbelievable 85-mph but that wasn't all, the handling of the Hustler at that speed was amazing. The construction of the powerboat by Hustler was just as remarkable and over the course of a few years won the World Championship as well as Offshore Performance Boat of the Year two years running from Powerboat Magazine.

Hustler started out strong and just kept going. 2007 brings Hustler to the performance boats of the next generation. With increasingly faster speeds that the boating public desired, new research and development came into play as safety needed to be as big an issue as speed. The Rockit model was developed, based on previous advancements Hustler began to take the next step to settle the hull in while increasing the speed. This helped to better control the boat to bring the performance needed without sacrificing safety. Today the 39 Hustler performance boat will provide the smoothest, most comfortable rides at top speeds in stormy water conditions with 2 foot chop. Built for stability and safety, the Hustler performance boats are the boats to watch for.

About High Performance Boats

High Performance powerboats are engineered for speed. These powerful boats feature a narrow beam, steep dead-rise, and a high power to weight ratios. They come equipped with a minimal cabin area and cockpits with seating 2 . 6 passengers. These boats use very high horsepower outboards, surface drives, or stern drives. High Performance boats are designed to be light and strong, fast, and ideal for racing or cruising quickly.
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