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Homestead, fl 33032 Review of Highfield Boats: Manufacturer of Highfield RIB Inflatable Boats

Highfield RIB inflatable boats are manufactured in Australia and sold all over the world. Strength, integrity and style have become the key qualities for the RIB inflatable boats at Highfield. Their new boat developmental evolution has taken place over many years in the Great Barrier Reef of Northern Australia. Here, they test and retest the boats in all conditions to bring you an RIB that you can trust to hol d up in the toughest conditions. Their line-up offers stability, safety and a dry, soft ride.

With an aluminum hull, the RIB inflatable boats are made of either PVC or Hypalon material. The PVC material is made in Germany by a company called Valmex. It has a high wear and abrasion resistant rating. The PVC is also made to withstand weather and is UV resistant with high temperature conditions. The Highfield PVC tubes are manufactured using a thermo-welding process that ensures a higher durability rating. The Hypalon material is made by Orca in France. It is a very tough material with a high UV resistance, which is a great feature, especially if you use your new boat in the tropics. A special gluing process is used to prevent aging and to make an excellent holding seam. These fabrics are the top of the line in the marine industry for inflatable boats. Much testing takes place to ensure the fabric holds up well to meet the quality standards for which Highfield RIB's is known.

Highfield is a green company and they are concerned about preserving the environment. When they manufacture their RIB inflatable boats, conserving energy and resources are important to them. Safety for their employees, the community, and consumers are also high priorities for them. New Highfield boats feature recycled aluminum, which cuts costs on energy and manufacturing. The aluminum is light-weight, which gives the boat strength and requires less horsepower to power the inflatable boat, which provides better gas consumption and less CO2 emissions. Highfield powder coats the aluminum hull to give it a high quality and an environmentally safe finish.

About Utility Boats

Utility boats are usually 12 . 20 ft long and are well versed for tough use. They are best used for inland lakes and other shallow waters which makes the perfect for freshwater fishing. Utility boats are made out of aluminum and they are usually light which helps with transporting.
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