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About Helms Boats

Helms Boats Logo 170 West Election Road
Draper, ut 84020
iboats review of Helms Boats: Manufacturer of Helms Center Console Boats, Dual Console Boats, Speed Boats and Fishing Boats

Helms Boats are a proud member of Sarasota Boat Works Inc. and focus on creating a new legend for the boating industry, one boat at a time. Center console boats that are built for experienced fishermen by combining a superior design and construction to get the best overall performance. When compared to other center console and fishing boats the efficiency and quality of H elms boats wins out every time.

Finding a used Helms boat would be a challenge because they are still with the original owners who recognize quality. Fast, fun and affordable is what Helms goal is when designing a boat for their customers and their family's. A comfortable center console for that family cruise or that legendary fishing trip these boats are built one at a time in the U.S.A.

If you can dream it Helms can do it! Helms and Sarasota Boat Works Inc. want to build a low cost but still high quality family and fishing center console boat. This is a fishing boat that customers are proud to own for years after their original purchase.

About Flats Boats

Flat Boats are designed to to travel skinny waters used for extremely shallow drafts which is under 1 ft deep. They range usually from 14 . 18 ft. Push poles, used to navigate shallow water, and steel hulls are the most standard features when it comes to Flat Boats.
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