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About Edgewater Boats

Edgewater Boats Logo 211 Dale Street
Edgewater, fl 32132
iboats Review of EdgeWater Boats: Manufacturer of EdgeWater Offshore Boats, Power Boats, and Runabout Boats

Everyone has a dream. Not many people dream about starting their own boat company, but Edgewater started with a group of avid boaters that did. In 1992, that dream became a reality and Edgewater Boats was born. They have a partnership with North Technologies Group, who offers cutting-edge technology on your offshore or runabout boat. Edgewater employs more than 100 people in a state of t he art facility to uniquely handcraft each offshore boat or runabout. Their commercial division develops and builds high performance power boats for military, government, and law enforcement applications. Whether it's fishing or watersports, Edgewater has an offshore or runabout boat to help you get the most out of your boat.

Edgewater listens to their customers. Edgewater Power Boats cruises with their families on their offshore boats and runabouts. They also spend time out on the water with Edgewater owners. This is to gather your input, ideas, and suggestions to be sure they are constantly improving their offshore and runabout boats. If that convince you of their commitment to customer satisfaction, then maybe the fact that they have received several Customer Satisfaction Index awards will. These honors just prove that when you're looking for an offshore or runabout boat, you are getting a boat from what most consumers demand. Edgewater works hard to earn your confidence and will continue to work hard to deliver excellent service.

There are a few different series of offshore boats offered by Edgewater. They have a Center Console series that ranges from 14 feet to 38 feet. All of these offshore boats are offered with an optional T-top that adds some style to your vessel. Some features also include bilge pumps, a concealed anchor windlass, a fresh water system, and many other items. Edgewater also offers the Express series, which is a walk-around cabin offshore boat. Edgewater offers an Inshore series as well. All of the inshore boats fit within the offshore styles, but they are not one dimensional as they offer the Crossover series, which is their runabout style boat. The boat comes with all the features needed to perform the watersports you desire, and you can add the optional tower. That dream of owning a boat company has not died as Edgewater continues to make water vessels that are able to compete with the competition with an award winning customer service.

About Express Fisherman Boats

Express Fisherman are smaller than Convertible Fishing Boats and are made for higher speeds. They are well equipped for offshore fishing by being equipped with large open cockpit and fishing areas located towards the rear of the boat. These boats accommodate for short term fishing trips by providing some comforts for an overnight or weekend trip.
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