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About Eagle Performance Boats

Eagle Performance Boats Logo 141 Poplar Ridge Road
Red Deer County, ab T4S 0K6
iboats Review of Eagle Performance Boats: Manufacturer of Eagle Performance Aluminum Jet Sport Boats

Partnering with Outlaw Marine, Eagle Performance Boats was established by Dale Whiteside and Rob Chrunyk in 1993. Outlaw Eagle manufactures Eagle Performance aluminum sport jet boats, which range between 16 and 21 feet in length. These vessels are built with the strongest T6 aluminum materials and are designed for competitive river racing. Eagle Performance jet boats have spacious interior deck space and are sturdy in overall structural design. The hulls are welded in a construction process that includes plasma cutters and NC controlled press brakes that help mold the shape more precisely. Additionally, these aluminum hulls are double plated at the bottom of the transom and include a Delta Pad that is 15 inches wide. Eagle Performance aluminum jet boats are superior in structural and mechanical design, winning several river racing competitions worldwide.

There are seven different Eagle Performance aluminum models offered that are built with various cosmetic advantages. Some of the models are built with open bows, while others are built with closed bows and windshields. Boaters will also note that the deck space in each of these vessels is open and easy to move around in. Furthermore, the Delta Pad that is built into Eagle Performance jet boats incorporates the Step Tec bottom, which helps improves the captain's steering control and handling. The aluminum hull and the steering control together help boaters to reach top end speeds faster and maintain them for longer periods of time. Most of the Eagle Performance aluminum jet boats are built with V6 Mercury outboard engines for better power and performance.

Eagle Performance boats are reliable vessels that require very little maintenance and are built to last for a many years. If you are looking for an aluminum jet boat that will help you win any number of river racing competitions, Eagle Performance is the best place to start looking. The aluminum hulls on these boats are built with reasonable structural warranties, allowing boat owners to feel more reassured and secure. Even if you are simply seeking a jet boat that can reach high, reasonable speeds to speed through the water with family and friends, Eagle Performance will not fail to meet those expectations as well.

About Fish Ski Boats

Fish 'n Ski Boats are more family oriented boats due to the fact they are used for skiing fun and fishing. They range within 16 . 24 ft long. Fish 'n Ski boats will usually come standard with live wells and tie downs for fishing rods as well as removable, elevated tow bars and ski lockers.
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