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iboats Review of Dufour Yachts: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Sailboat Yachts

Dufour Yachts was created in 1964 by Michel Dufour, with select dealerships in the United States and Canada. These locations are as follows: Annapolis (MD), Chicago (IL), Los Angeles (CA), Fort Lauderdale (FL), Houston (TX), Newport (CA), and Toronto (Canada). Dufour manufactures fiberglass sailboat yachts that range between 31 and 56 feet in length, with plenty of deck space and luxurious cabin below deck. These exquis ite yachts are great for cruising and racing, and allows room for several passengers to board at a time. Dufour takes the time to design elegantly comfortable interiors with the yacht owner's own personal input and touch, ensuring that the vessel is build exactly to their liking. The wooden cupboards, counter tops, and other components are constructed with either cherry wood or teak, guaranteeing durability and beauty. Dufour also includes hi-tech entertainment centers and complete furnishing with marine vinyl chairs and couches. These sailboat yachts undeniably cruise along the water with style.

Dufour sailboat yachts are built with the latest computer technology programs, state of the art designs, and advanced hull lining processes. The captain behind the helm is given complete freedom and confidence with the excess deck and cockpit space, with the ability to more easily access the winches from where he sits. Furthermore, Dufour sailboat yachts allow the captain to steer and maneuver in a safer manner, reassuring every passenger that they have boarded a reliable, secure vessel. Dufour applies a high quality construction/material called Corian, which is applied for better performance and durability. Vacuum infusion technology is also used when building these sailboat yachts, which creates better structural support. Following this process, injection technology is applied, which makes the overall weight heavier, thus making the sails more stable and reliable. Sandwich hulls are then combined with these processes, which creates better mechanical systems and applies PVC foam.

Apart from being structurally sound, Dufour sailboat yachts are built with several environmental advantages. These vessels contain high power alternators, low energy consuming LED navigation lights, fuel overflow systems, and many other components. Dufour sailboat yachts are one of the most sought after yachts in the boating industry due to great durability, comfort, and performance. Yacht lovers and owners will not fail to be impressed by the overall quality of a Dufour sailboat yacht, and will find that these vessels will create many long-lasting memories for several years to come.
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