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About Donzi Marine Boats

Donzi Marine Boats Logo 1653 Whichards Beach Rd
Washington, nc 27889
iboats Review of Donzi Boats: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Performance Boats

Donzi Boats was first established in Miami in 1964 by Don Aronow, a well known boater in many Miami racing competitions. Donzi boats are known best for their great speed and performance, as well as their stylish exteriors. These speed boats are the "go to" boats for races and other competitions, and are coveted by boat owners who do not possess one of these. Ranging between 16 to 43 feet in length, these speed boats are sturdy in construction and modern in design. Each model is built with different advantages, but every model fulfills the same purpose in terms of performance and durability. Donzi speed boats are easy to manage and preserve, and will perform better than most boats, even if it performs in its worst condition.

Donzi speed boats are built with high quality fiberglass components that improve the speed and performance, creating a smoother ride that cuts through the water faster and with more stability. Additionally, Donzi boats are built with light-weight material and vacuum-infused coring that strengthens the entire structure. Specifically, the ZR models have captured the attention of many competitive boaters, having the ability to catch some air and still land back safely on the water with no damage. Captains have great steering control, along with factory installed GPS systems making the experience behind the wheel convenient and manageable. The steering and the hull combined keep each speed boat balanced in rough waters. Donzi also includes electronic perks in their ZR models, such as high-quality sound systems with iPod docks, 12-volt refrigerators, and comfortable seats with back rest recliners.

Donzi Boats also make the exterior of each speed boat unique and stylish, as well as accessible. The port helm has a built-in molded stairway, providing easy entry. Additionally, the cockpit area includes grab handles for any extra passengers for reassuring security. Some models also include an open bow, providing an exciting opportunity for additional passengers who would like to ride with style. Donzi exceeds expectations with their classy, original designs; these speed boats are built with the best resources by people who understand what boaters want and need in a boat that is mean to perform and compete. Every year, Donzi creates new speed boats that will top the models from previous years, and those who love to race or simply spend the day speeding through the water will be pleased with these boats.

About Cuddy Cabin Boats

Cuddy Cabin boats length ranges from 18 . 28 ft. Cuddy Cabins may resemble Bowriders but with the difference of the closed bow allowing for a small cabin that can be used for storage or even a small seating area. Some features may include stereo, interior lights, a sun pad, or a swimming platform. Cuddy Cabins are powered usually by stern drive.
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