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Dargel Boats Logo 4110 N. FM 493
Donna, tx 78537
iboats Review of Dargel Boats : Manufacturer of Dargel Bay Boats Tillers and Multi Hull Fishing Boats

Dargel has been around since the 30s. This company started with a man who loved to fish and built his own boat in order to get on the water. Dargel is one of the oldest shallow water fishing boats making them the oldest manufacturer in Texas and second in the nation. They provide quality that lasts through generations. The reason Dargel has been so successful through the years, even in econom ic turmoil, is because they consistently put forth the best product at an affordable price.

Dargel boats are incredibly smooth and fuel efficient. Buyers won't be concerned about safety or stability while riding in a Dargel because they are the best in class. The wide beam and tunnel design of the boats offers access to fishing locations that most of boats simply can't reach. The newest edition called the Dargel Kat has reached unparalleled reviews. The boat is versatile in its many uses which include being able to fish the shallow flats, cross rough bays, and even head offshore.

Worried about spending a lot of money on a new boat? Not to worry, Dargel has the most affordable prices around and they insure their boats with great warranties. As with other competitors, a lot of boat manufacturers can't stay in business let alone stand behind their products. With Dargel, customers will never have to worry about them going out of business and they always stand behind their products. Dargel boats come with a life time warranty on the floor and transom with ten years of warranty on the hull.

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