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About Custom Line Yachts

Custom Line Yachts Logo 170 W. Election Rd. Suite 100
Draper, ut 84020
About Custom Line Yachts
The origins of Custom Line are strongly connected to the history of Ferretti Yachts, a Ferretti Group division created thanks to the intuition of Norberto Ferretti and his brother Alessandro: in 1968, instead of just selling yachts, they decided to build their own. Nowadays Ferretti is one of the most prestigious nautical shipyards in the world. The great success of their motorsailers during the Seventies kept growing and in the following decade, thanks to the decision to build motoryachts, the shipyard was able to change the market and set new rules. The Nineties were characterized by a series of financial and commercial activities that made the Ferretti name famous on the seas all over the world. At the same time the birth of the Engineering Division, which is now called AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), allowed the firm to grow and specialize in development and research. Today, AYT works closely with the architects and designers of the Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile, who skilfully combine quality, careful attention to design and exclusive details, safety with an excellent performance at sea.

Custom Line Yachts are born from the strong feeling between the Engineering division and Studio Zuccon International Project together with the experience of the craft masters of the craft masters of the shipyard: professionals able to understand and to realize the dreams of each Owner.

In order to turn the Custom Line idea into reality, the Owner cooperates with the architects and the engineers of the shipyard in every phase, choosing not only the layouts, but also the types of woods, furnishings and details. The highest comfort is guaranteed by the exclusive Playtime Communicator system by Radiomarine that allows to have access to radio, tx, internet and video at the same time. Choosing a Custom Line means living one’s individual style in total freedom. A unique and inimitable style just like the personality of its Owner.

If the style of every Custom Line Yachts is the result of the synergy between the Owner and the architects, the safety is the synthesis of the constant research of the Engineering division. Safety means technological excellence: from the advanced Naviop and GiB systems, that allows to monitor and manage all the onboard functions through an interactive display, to the common rail motors reaching the highest performance, in line with the noise and water pollution standards. The quality of life on board is improved by the Anti Rolling Gyro system, patented by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., and tested for the first time exclusively on Custom Line Yachts. The ARG, offered exclusively by Ferretti Group yachts, allows the reduction of over 50% of the waves rolling, giving the Owner a unique.

Convergence is an important event organized for captains of all Custom Line yachts by Ferretti over 60 feet long. During "Convergence Days", captains attend refresher courses and have the opportunity to learn about and exchange ideas on a number of technical and organizational aspects which they have to deal when sailing luxury motor yachts. The idea of bringing together two of the main figures in the nautical world – boat builders and captains - to discuss their needs, has been a huge success, year after year. The aim of the event is to bring together and get to know people who, thanks to their essential important role of captain, are the real “engines” behind sailing. The format of the 2006 edition has been renewed: from now on, Convergence will be divided into Convergence and Convergence Navi, to better meet the different professional needs of the participants.

About Mega Yachts

Mega Yachts are 100+ ft long and tend to have more then one tender boats onboard. These boats are very expensive, usually privately owned, and professionally crewed. This can either be a sailboat or powered by an onboard engine.
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