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About Cruisers Sport Series Boats

Cruisers Sport Series Boats Logo 804 Pecor Street
Oconto, wi 54153
iboats Review of Cruisers Sport Series: Manufacturer of Cruisers Sport Series Fiberglass Sport Cruisers and Yachts

Cruisers Yachts is a family owned business that was officially established in 1956 as Cruisers, Inc. in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Cruisers manufacturers originally made their sport cruisers and yachts out of wood, but switched to fiberglass construction methods in 1965. The construction process at Cruisers is incredibly thorough and extensive to ensure the best quality, performance and durability in each yacht. The overall structure is completely hand-laid with fiberglass and laminate resins/components that are bonded together in a two-sided finish. Cruisers yachts are examined by trained professionals several times to verify that these vessels are in pristine condition before it is put up on the market.

The hull of a Cruisers sport cruiser and yacht is hand-sanded by experienced manufacturers and boaters, which helps to remove any residual wax. Furthermore, the interior woodwork is made of wenge, a rare and high-quality form of hardwood that gives off a high-gloss wood finish. Cherrywood is also used for some of the furniture components such as cabinets, dressers, etc. Simultaneously, all upholstery is machine cut, but is sewn by hand, guaranteeing high levels of quality. These seats/couches are supported by Flexsteel seat frames. Cruisers uses only the highest quality materials for their vessels to create the most enjoyable experience possible for yacht owners.

The Cruisers sport series range between 20 and 32 feet in length, while the yachts range between 31 and 54 feet in length. Along with the fine wood finishing and upholstery, each Cruisers model includes memory foam mattresses, polymer frames, stainless steel hardware and rails, and many other useful features. On top of everything else, Cruisers yachts are designed in a way that is easy for captains to steer and control from behind the helm. Yacht owners and lovers will not be disappointed with the quality and performance of these sport cruisers and yachts.

About Deck Boats

Deck Boats have wide beams and have a v-hull the combination of these features can offer more stability for the passengers on the boat. These boats are powered by stern drive or outboard motors and can be constructed by fiberglass or aluminum. One of the main features of Deck Boats is the open deck which has plenty of space for seating. The bow of the boat can be blunted, rounded, or squared off which may allow room for a platform. Also, Deck Boats lengths range from 25 . 35 ft.
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