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Coral Bay Boats Logo 3175 Stanton Court
Charleston, sc 29418
Why Your Next Boat Should Be A Coral Bay Boat by American Skiff

1. No Wood – Coral Bay boats are 100% composite with fiberglass stringer systems and composite transoms not subject to common wood rot.

2. Log Foam Floatation - Before the boats are bonded we install ISO-25 foam logs for positive floatation. Most manufacturers use pressure injected foam which might not expand due to equipment failure or operator error yet cannot be seen or inspected. By installing foam logs before the boat is bo nded at Coral Bay Boats we know every boat has more than sufficient floatation.

3. Hand Laid Construction - Every ounce of fiberglass is laid up entirely by hand by some of the most experienced laminators in the marine industry. Coral Bay Boats installs additional layers in the hull, deck and stringer system making the boats some of the toughest available, pound on the side and see for yourself.

4. Thru Bolted Cleats and Hand Rails – Coral Bay Boats thru bolts our stainless steel cleats and rails and use aluminum backing plates and stainless steel nylon insert locknuts for maximum strength and durability.

5. A Name You Can Trust – Coral Bay Boats is a family company with over 25 years experience in the boating industry. We stand behind what we build and put the utmost attention to quality. We welcome your direct calls to the factory and you can even ask to speak with the owners themselves.
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