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About Centurion Boats

Centurion Boats Logo 2047 Grogan Ave
Merced, ca 95341
iboats Review of Centurion Boats : Manufacturer of Centurion Ski and Wakeboard Boats

Centurion Boats are stylish, powerful, and comfortable. Centurion's ski and wakeboard boats are designed for performance. These boats create big waves and the best wakes for those seeking a good time on the water. They are racing inspired, yet make room for up to 14 people comfortably - talk about a party! Centurion ski and wakeboard boats have some incredible technology that buyers should know when thinking about their first boat purchase.

For 2014, Centurion has re-released the Centurion Articulating Tracking System. This system allows for water deflection off the bow to personalize the wake for surf-style riding or skim-style riding. What does this mean? It doesn't matter what kind of water sport you are interested in, this boat will cater to your needs. Centurion has paid special attention to the shape of the trim tabs. Top engineers have created superb technology for the shaping of these tabs to create the best wake available. Centurion takes pride in their stylish deep v-hull design. This eye-catching design is what makes those perfect waves. It also provides for less ballast weight, making a smoother ride for passengers within the boat.

There are several aspects of the boating experience that Centurion values. They literally think of everything when it comes to satisfying customers! Centurion's wakeboard boats come with an option for Right Surf System. For all those goofy-footed boarders, this is the perfect boat! This technology reverses the rotation of the prop so the wake curls in the opposite direction for all those goofy-footers. The ski and wakeboard boats come with a plush, comfortable interior and lots of storage. With cupholders, extended seating space, and hidden compartments... Centurion boats engineers have done the work for you. Don't worry about ruining the interior with food or drinks, these boats come with snap-out carpet for a quick clean system. This simple addition will keep the boat looking good for a long time, upping the resale value. Don't just read about Centurion boats, come try one today!

About Bowrider Boats

A Bowrider boat come in a range of lengths from 17 . 30 ft and can be used for cruising lakes and territorial waters. The open bow provides room for extra seating and can carry between 6 to 10 people depending on the size. They are powered by either stern drive or outboard engines. Some features can include storage underneath the bow seats, Bimini, and a stereo.
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