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About Catalina Sailboats

Catalina Sailboats Logo 7200 Bryan Dairy Rd
Largo, fl 33777
iboats review Catalina Saiboats: Manufacturer of Catalina Sailboats

Catalina Yachts builds their sailboats in Largo, Florida(FL) and has been in business since 1970. Founded by Frank Butler in Woodland Hills, California(CA), with a eye to design and construct a sound boat for a great value. To meet this goal required a lot of planning, a manufacturer process that was productive while still being profitable and of course a great boat designing ability. Little did Frank know that would lead him to be the biggest sailboat manufacturer in the U.S.

Frank feels that the Catalina sailboats do well in the industry as Catalina has taken a lot of time listening to suggestions from customers and dealers. In the design process for a new sailboat, Catalina takes into account the knowledge base of previous boats they have built and integrate new ideas and suggestions to the features that have stood the test of time. Frank feels that this process gives more of a continuous feel to the model line and helps with the value of the boat as it is resold.

Catalina has a sail loft as well to manufacturer the sail and the cushions for the sailboats. They also make the lead keels, pouring them in-house. When asked which was Frank's favorite model of the 75,000 watercraft he had manufactured, he said, "You have children don't you, I do too, can you say which is your favorite?" At 80, Frank is still leading the pack at Catalina Sailboats and loving it.

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