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About Caliber Boats

Caliber Boats Logo PO Box 41093
St. Petersburg, fl 33743
iboats Review of Caliber Yachts: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Sailboat Yachts

Caliber Yachts has been manufacturing fiberglass sailboat yachts since 2004. The primary focus at Caliber is to build vessels that are safe, stable, and luxurious. These sailboat yachts are unique in design and are ultimately easy to manage and maintain. The hulls are constructed with the Caliber Performance Cruising Underbody, which combines two entirely different designs that create more speed with better control. Th ese advanced designs are stronger, safer, and will perform better in any environment. Each Caliber yacht undergoes an extensive fiberglass lamination process which binds the hull and deck more securely and makes the overall structure more solid and reliable. Additionally, a Quad-Seal process bonds the hull and deck together with polyurethane adhesives and co-polymer sealant. These sailboat yachts range between 35 and 47 feet in length and are built with every modern convenience and the most advanced construction processes.

Caliber sailboat yachts are built with several techniques and construction processes that make these vessels one of the most reliable on the water. One of these methods that grants boaters more control over their sails is called the Caliber Convertible Cutter Rig. When steering through heavy weather, this will help boaters to easily manage and balance out their sailboat yachts. Furthermore, manufacturers applies the Caliber Smart Electrical System, which enhances the yacht's electrical performance and gives more power and push. Caliber sailboat yachts also contain the Circuit Protection Device (CPD), which protects all system circuits. Other system features include the Long Range System (which allows more room for fuel and water) and the Integral Strength-Grid System (which eliminates the need for external keel boats, thus preventing leaks and softens certain degrees of damage).

There are three primary Caliber sailboat yacht models: 35LRC, 40LRC, and 47LRC. The insides are fully furnished and are built with all modern necessities (plumbing, electricity, etc.). These sailboat yachts are the perfect vessel for families and friends to enjoy one another's company on the water. Caliber manufacturers do not over look any detail and strive to exceed their own expectations year by year. The hulls are designed to withstand harsh weather and accommodate the needs of the captain and every passenger. Specifically, the stainless steel Safety Searails that are set up around the bow and cockpit will help boaters to feel safer on deck. Current and future boat owners will be constantly impressed with the quality and performance of a Caliber sailboat yacht.

About Bowrider Boats

A Bowrider boat come in a range of lengths from 17 . 30 ft and can be used for cruising lakes and territorial waters. The open bow provides room for extra seating and can carry between 6 to 10 people depending on the size. They are powered by either stern drive or outboard engines. Some features can include storage underneath the bow seats, Bimini, and a stereo.
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