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Dergachy, intl 62303
iboats Reviews Brig Inflatable Boats: Manufacturer of Brig Inflatable Boats, Rib Boats, Tender Boats.

Brig Inflatable Boats are manufactured in the Ukraine. The ex-military team that creates and hand builds Brig Inflatable boats are experienced aeronautical engineers. In business for over 20 years, the quality in workmanship and materials used in Brig Inflatable Boats have become well known as leaders in Europe and Australia and are the top inflatable sellers there.

Brig Inflatables are very conscious about safety and have carefully checked their boats at each stage of manufacturing to maintain their exacting standards. Well known for the performance of their inflatables, Brig's engineers have created inventive designs that also push the water away from the boat for a drier run with a smoother feel. Three different types of inflatables are built by Brig, foldable inflatables boats, rigid inflatable boats and professional boats.

The foldable inflatables made for ease in carrying and being able to stow in smaller places. They are great to throw in your trunk and go, whether for fishing or water sports or just some fun on the water. The rigid inflatable boats made by Brig can be used as a tender to your larger vessel or for transport here or there. The longer inflatables are fast and great for different water sport activities or for transporting crews and supplies. The professional line includes rescue inflatables for 6 and 8 crews with the option of different flooring. Military use the heavy duty inflatable that carry a heavier load and have specialty features that help with patrol and rescue situations.
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