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About BrattJet Boats

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Sylvan Lake, ab T4S 1P5 review of Bratt Jet Aluminum Boats: Manufacturer of Bratt Jet Boat, Aluminum boat, Fishing Boat, Sport Boats.

Bratt Jet Boats are the ultimate tough build in river boats, they are built by river boating enthusiasts for river boating enthusiasts. Designed to endure the harsh Canadian Rivers where Bratt Jett makes their boats you know there is high quality that goes into the boat from designing to building then from the ground up. With more than 70 years of experience combined in the manufacturing team your boat will be the best whether it's for commercial, pleasure or racing.

With boat models for various conditions from shallow water to large rough lakes the boats from Bratt Jett will take you places where no boat has gone before. Whitewater river rapids aren't even an issue with these boats modeled with variable 12-15 degree hulls to accommodate any situation. Built to comfortably fit your family and friends to take them on exciting adventures you have never dreamed of before.

Beyond the high quality of the Boat is Bratt Jet's claim to the quality of their team that puts the boats together. Dedicated workers ensure that every boat is of the highest quality and uses the best materials. For a manufacture that intimately knows their trade and how to make the best river boat for your family or fishing fun you can't go wrong with Bratt Jet Aluminum Boats.

About Jet Boats

Jet Boats range from 10 . 23 ft long and are known for their exceptional maneuverability. These boats can have a single or multiple jet drives for propulsion and are popular for day boating due to their shallow draft and absence of running gear which allows Jet Boats to get close to shorelines and/or beaches.
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