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About Apreamare Boats

Apreamare Boats Logo Via Terragneta, 72
Torre Annunziata, intl 80058
iboats review of Apreamare Yachts: Manufacturer of Apreamare Yachts, Pleasure Boats, Side Console Boats and Cabin Cruisers.

Apreamare is the ultimate in Italian made boats for as many uses as there are designs. Dating all the way back to Giovanni Aprea who built boats by hand in 1849; Apreamare has always made a goal of building a boat that excels expectations for owners who want to grab life by the helm. The main goal with this cabin cruiser manufacturer is to have their customers feel a part of the family of boaters that have come to appreciate the excellence and unique details of these quality boats.

Apreamare tries to give all their customers the opportunity to get a quality ride in a Mediterranean style boat that is built with the absolute best quality. A life of passion and enthusiasm awaits any owner of this Italian legacy cruiser. Excellence is the goal when building the boat and maintaining a relationship with the customer after with Apreamare.

With models ranging from a 28 foot side console to their 64 foot cabin cruiser you will enjoy the open water with your choice of this manufacturer. Apreamare promises excellent yacht speeds for your pleasure you while you enjoy the detailed finish, fine fabrics, and precious woods used to create your Gozzi style Cruiser.

About Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts range from 40 . 99 ft long and contain luxurious features that make suitable for long cruises or trips. These boats are recreational and often have a tender boat on board.
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