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SunCatcher Boats Logo 901 Cowan Drive
Lebanon, mo 65336
iboats Review of SunCatcher Boats: Manufacturer of SunCatacher Pontoon Boats

From parent company G3 Boats, SunCatcher pontoons are among the finest of their kind in the boating world today. Varying in size and ability, each model possesses nothing short of fantastic performance and quality. These pontoons are versatile in terms of serving multiple purposes on the water, all of which are great for large groups of people. Whether you want to spend the day participating in numerous water sport ac tivities, fishing with friends or family, or simply cruising along the water with your loved ones, SunCatcher meets these requirements while adding even more advantages to their boats every year. SunCatcher raises the bar with their pontoons in superior quality and authenticity, making the experience enjoyable and comfortable for all of their customers. The staff have a very personable and professional relationship with each customer, treating them with respect and honesty and ensuring them that the boats they are buying will be nothing less than what they expect. A majority of SunCatchers employees are boaters and fishermen themselves so they fully understand what is required in a great servicing boat as well as considerate of what their customers need and desire.

SunCatcher has an ongoing list of conveniences that are included in the process of building their pontoons. There are several storage compartments built into different parts of the boat that will hold many items differing in size. These compartments can be used to store sports equipment, fishing tools, towels, bags, life jackets, etc. In some of the models, there are even places to store caught fish, for those who enjoy fishing. Additionally, the furniture and upholstery on these boats is admirable in design, as well as comfort. The layout of the furniture on SunCatcher pontoons is perfect for lounging and socializing, with sufficient walk-around space. Along with the couches and chairs, some models include tables and cup holders, making dining on board much more comfortable. The manufacturer have successfully built these boats with the intent of creating a domestic, homelike environment.

The three model series that are offered through SunCatcher are: the Elite Series, the X Series, and the V Series. In essence, each boat is different, but they are all built with the same goal in mind—to satisfy and entertain boaters. Some of these pontoons are built with ski tow arches and swim platforms, others are built more for the purposes of fishing, with fishing rod holders and other necessities. All models are built with bow rails. There are also factory installed stereos and speakers, which have exceptional quality and allow you to plug in your iPod so that you can listen to your favorite music on the water. Likewise, there is room for Bimini top installation, which will assist in making the passengers feel even more relaxed. SunCatcher covers practically everything that one might look for in a pontoon; their boats are nothing if not one of the absolute best.

If you are thinking of buying a boat that will suit all of your needs and have room for you and your family, SunCatcher is the best place to start looking. Their pontoons are safe, reliable, and hospitable, not to mention long-lasting. There are local dealers conveniently placed all over the country who are ready to assist you with any problems you might ever have with your boat, should there be any. You will not find a pontoon with better performance and durability than a SunCatcher. If you love to make memories with family and friends on the water, a SunCatcher pontoon is exactly the boat for you.

About Pontoon Boats

Pontoons as well as Tri-toons use cylindrical, metal flotation devices or logs that keep afloat a broad platform. Pontoons uses 2 logs and Tri-toons use 3 logs this allows a shallow draft and good stability on the water. This type of boat is used primarily used for fishing and cruising inland lakes as well as water sports and as a water borne camper. Pontoons are powered by an outboard engine, stern drive, or an electric motor.
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