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Pro Sport Boats Logo 170 West Election Road
Draper, ut 84020
Built Tough and Priced Right

Whether you are fishing for blue fin tuna off Monhegan Island, albacore off the southern coast of California, trolling for a big bull dolphin in the weedlines off the Florida coast or just relaxing with your family at an off-shore concert, you will see a ProKat power catamaran nearby. The power catamaran, once a rarity on the waters, now has it's own "cat lovers" following. The answer to the explosive growth in cats is due to the unbelievable ride and endurance of the hulls even in confused seas. ProKat engineers have met every challenge by inventing and designing the best features, the best styling and the safest boat possible. That is why ProKat is the leader in the catamaran industry within the United States. The ProKat is a planning hull. Our competition advertise that they are either displacement or semi-displacement hulls. The ProKat actually gets up on plane. That means the boat rises up onto the waters surface. This translates into less drag and a more efficient ride. You will see exactly what I mean. We encourage our salesmen to pick the worst conditions to demonstrate the ProKat.

Great companies implement regimen and standard processes. Our guidelines are simple and direct: we use NMMA and ABYC standards and we are Coast Guard inspected. We like to think of our products as being "Built Tough and Priced Right". In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty against rot because we use no wood in our hulls. Our ten year limited hull warranty is one of the best in the industry.

~Construction & Maintenance

Our high quality construction begins with quality molds and continuous mold maintenance. The key to maintaining molds is mold rotation, triple waxing and a skilled eye which insures that molds are kept in near perfect shape. Next, we apply a premium, “best in class” gelcoat which is enhanced with UV inhibitors designed to reduce cracking, fading, and chalking. Gelcoating is a very critical step which, with proper maintenance and care, will insure your boat will maintain it’s original glossy luster longer and will result in fewer stress cracks in tough marine conditions. SeaQuest’ fishing boats are said to be “overbuilt”. In fact, all of our boats incorporate the ProCore Linear Unigrid System (P.L.U.S.). This system uses hand-laid Marine Tuff™ high density composite material, Kntex™ knitted fiberglass and a wood free system of bulkheads, stringers and transoms that is second to none. Additional layers of fiberglass are placed in high stress areas to insure the maximum strength feasible. With our pre-assembly process the hull is pre-rigged with a wiring harness which provides access to instrumentation, navigation lights, communication systems and electrical accessories. Bow rails, trim tabs and fittings are then installed. All of the cleats installed at this point are stainless steel and are through-bolted with locking nuts. Check out the process we use in tying together the hulls and the decks. Stainless steel screws are used to attach the deck to the hull every 4 to 6 inches and for added insurance, we use a premium grade of marine sealant to bond the two together. This provides strength and keeps the seam absolutely water tight. Final assembly is when your boat really starts to look like the boat you ordered.

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