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Crest Pontoon Boats Logo 2710 South M-52
Owosso, mi 48867 review of Crest Pontoon: Manufacturer of Crest Pontoon Boats and Houseboats.

Crest is a boat company that has been producing quality pontoon style crafts for near 60 years. Their multi-generational owners have always come out satisfied with the extreme level of quality, safety, style and comfort. Crest is proud to have always been up to trend with the best technologies to give you the highest quality, and structurally superior recreation pontoon boat at your dock. A manufacturer th at sticks to their self-made pillars of excellence in performance, precision, comfort, style, innovation, and structural superiority; it is obvious that Crest Pontoon is the smart choice.

Since day one Crest has worked out of the same factory in Owosso, Michigan and have used that time (over half a century) to train their staff to build the best in family fun on the water. Proud to have been called overbuilt been their competitors the family at Crest works to build pontoons that last. The standard of excellence taken on by this manufacturer is evident in their policy of performing multiple quality checks during the building process and holding themselves to their own above their own high standards.

With all that experience from their crew Crest Pontoon prides themselves in building a boat to age-old quality standards. But don't expect some boat that's been the same model and design over the years. As the market has improved in terms of quality, safety, style and comfort Crest has stayed abreast in using the best of their age-old standards while using up-to-date technologies to build the best pontoon on the water. Being extraordinary is the only way that Crest has known and what they want to share with all of their pontoon owners.
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