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Ft. Lauderdale, fl 33316 Review of Zeelander Boats: Manufacturer of Zeelander Z44 Yacht

The Zeelander Z44 Yacht was conceived in 2002, in the province of Zeeland, of the Netherlands. Zeelander boats was built to the dream of a wealthy boating patron that wanted to have a stunning yacht. The dream started with his list of elements to create a yacht with breathtaking beauty, a design that would prove timeless, and be incredibly quiet while running at top speed. Zeelander's yachts are easy to maintain and hand le and come with the quality for which Zeelander Yachts have become known. After a few years of refining and obtaining the desired results, Zeelander built the yacht for this wealthy boating patron and then his friends. Zeelander had exceeded the patron's expectations. Later, Zeelander decided to extend the Z44 yacht in modest quantities for discerning yachtsman, wherever they may be found.

Zeelander started a quest to choose a yacht manufacturer that could start to produce this stunning yacht for the boating community. After much searching throughout the world of yacht building countries, Holland, Michigan, in the USA, was chosen to build this intriguing new Zeelander Z44 Yacht. S2 Yachts, well-know for craftsmanship and quality manufacturing, began to create the Zeelander. An interesting note about the family who owns S2 is that they are a Dutch family with yacht building tradition. Production on the Zeelander in Michigan started in 2011. The company produced an elegant line of boats giving attention to detail. With luxurious features and every anticipated comfort included, the Z44 yacht was set to take the attention in the boating community by storm. The quiet ride was especially well received.

With history in the making, Zeelander began to be produced in the US. The company set to maintain the same quality in design and performance of the original design to create the beauty and elegance of a 44ft yacht. New color and upholstery options were offered to further allow its discerning public to customize their ride. The new looks are comparable to the elegant lines and detailing that are on fancy sports cars. Coupled with cutting edge technology and in the engineering process, the Zeelander z44 Yacht is the yacht to look at. In honor of completing the 25th Z44 yacht, the 2014 season is presenting the color garnet to its color line of metallic hulls. The velvet green will also be offered this season since it was so well received last season.

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