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World Cat Boats Logo 1090 West Saint James St.
Tarboro, nc 27886
iboats Review of World Cat Marine: Manufacturer of Fiberglass Cabin Boats, Dual Consoles, and Center Consoles

World Cat Marine boats are built for better stability, safety, and strength, granting more freedom and versatility to boaters nationwide. The staff uses the best fiberglass materials and the latest in computer technology to build boats with more buoyancy, which is placed into the outer edges of the hull instead of the middle, to make better balance. Constructed to hold several people, as well as tools and equipment, these fiberglass boats are designed to accommodate many different needs. They are versatile and maneuverable, which helps greatly when docking or mooring the boat, even in tighter areas. World Cat Marine boats are especially great for cruising and fishing, with molded in bait livewells and fishing rod holders. The hull is glossed over after it is molded together, making the hull stronger and more secure. To put it mildly, the building process of each fiberglass boat at World Cat Marine is extensive and thorough, with no detail left behind.

Along with using fiberglass components in the construction process, World Cat Marine includes many other efficient methods to create strong, reliable boats. The manufacturers use VectorFlo technology in the hull, which combines an aerated mixture of air and water to increase speed and fuel efficiency, as well as create a cushion effect that softens the ride in rough waters. Additionally, the hull is overlapped with laminated materials that includes woven roving cloth to make it more durable for a longer period of time. Simultaneously, the bulkheads and stringers are coated with fiberglass components and are molded together into the hull to make the structure even stronger. The deck is then connected to the hull, securing the two sections as one well-functioning unit. The deck includes stainless steel rails and hardware, along with a fully furnished cabin with electricity and plumbing below deck in certain models. World Cat Marine will also build in an open bow on some models, allowing even more space on deck for boaters to move around as they please.

World Cat Marine takes every detail into consideration when it comes to constructing strong fiberglass boats with several additional advantages. These boats provide entertainment for boaters of all ages and are adaptable in different situations, active or inactive. The fiberglass materials and other components that are used to make these boats more balanced and safe are the best in the boating industry, creating a sense of assurance among those who step on board a World Cat Marine boat. Although World Cat Marine manufactures different types of models, the center consoles, dual consoles, and cabin boats all accomplish the same purpose in terms of great performance and quality. Thanks to the many advantages installed by World Cat Marine directly, perspective boat owners will not hesitate to consider purchasing one of these fiberglass boats.

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