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About Thunderjet Boats

Thunderjet Boats Logo 1401 Bridge St
Clarkston, wa 99403
iboats Review of Thunder Jet Boats: Manufacturer of Aluminum Jet Boats

Thunder Jets began business in 1981, establishing headquarters in Clarkston, Washington. Every component of each jet boat at Thunder Jets is hand-made from strong aluminum materials. The main goal at Thunder Jets is building boats that exceed boaters' expectations in safety, strength, and performance. Specifically, the hulls on the various models are built with a material that is also used in the Navy for smaller vessels: U ltra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethelene. This material is the primary reason that these jet boats are considerably much more durable than many other aluminum boats in the boating industry. Many other manufacturers build their hulls with plastic, which has a higher risk of wearing away faster over time. UHMW requires little maintenance and does not require installation through drilling holes or any other process that may result in exterior damages. Additionally, Thunder Jets includes a lifetime transferable warranty on all jet boat models which covers the overall structure.

There are many other factory installed advantages at Thunder Jets that enhance the performance and safety of their jet boats. For instance, the hull drains are welded in (as opposed to being drilled in) for better strength and durability. The UHMW materials used in the construction of the hull includes aluminum with corrosive resistant marine grade alloy, which is significantly stronger than steel and is more resistant to abrasion or wear and tear. Instead of securing the UHMW polyethylene with drills and screwdrivers, Thunder Jets uses strong adhesion techniques for installation, greatly reducing the possibility of any damage. All of these methods assist each jet boat at Thunder Jets to perform at the absolute best in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold.

Along with structural advantages, Thunder Jets makes the interior of each jet boat roomy and accommodating for the captain and other boaters. Certain models include factory installed bimini tops or canvasses to provide shade and comfort, while others have built in extended swim platforms, making re-entry onto the boat from the water far more accessible. Thunder Jets also creates their own seats that they install themselves, which are comfortable in design and are arranged in a fashion that allows passengers to move around as they please. One cannot deny that the quality of Thunder Jet jet boats is exceptional, or that the manufacturers pay especially close attention to detail in the construction process. The goal of safety and strength is successfully achieved in each model, and boaters will not be disappointed with the end results.

About Pilot House Boats

Pilot House Boats feature a fully enclosed cockpit with large windows and are built to ride rough seas while allowing the passengers to stay dry. These boats can be powered by outboards, stern drives, or inboard. Pilot Houses are popular for many types of fishing and cruising.
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