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About Sugar Sand Marine Boats

Sugar Sand Marine Boats Logo 2600 3rd Ave. N
Fargo, nd 58102
About Sugar Sand boats

Sugar Sand boats have been in production for over ten years. The legacy that began in 1993 as a builder of small Mercury Sport Jet-powered boats has quickly grown and expanded. Today, many things have changed and evolved. Sizes and options have grown dramatically. Mercury's Sport jet has become the market standard, and many competitors have come and gone. Sugar Sand boats has remained the market leader in performance and style. Built by the largest boat manufacturer in N orth Dakota, Sugar Sand boats are crafted by folks who embrace high quality standards, and who embody a robust Midwestern work ethic.


Sugar Sand boats uses hand-laid fiberglass cloth to manufacture our hulls. While this is a more expensive and time consuming process, it allows for increased strength and performance, not to mention a quieter ride. It is a reflection of how seriously we take the responsibility of giving you a "best in class" boat. Combine this with a hull designed to out-perform any other boat in its class-whether you're looking for handling or speed-and you've got the best running surface in the industry.


Our boat designs have always been market-leading and our new 2007 models continue to make us the talk of any boat show. Mixing function and form, and blending it with an exceptional array of colors, gives you a craft that you'll be proud to show off on the water.


The IMAR (International Recreation and Marine) Group is located in Fargo, North Dakota and builds Sugar Sand boats and Gekko tow boats. Privately held by a group of local investors, IMAR's mission is to bring innovative products and services to the marine industry and deliver those products through a dedicated dealer network. Sugar Sand boats are sold exclusively through its dealer network in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Japan.

~It's all about Jet Power

The same concept powering fighter jets, the Batmobile and the entire NASA program is what powers Sugar Sand boats.

As a recognized leader in the jet drive category, nobody better understands hull shapes, wetted dynamics or the architecture and advantages of jet drives than Sugar Sand boats.

And since our workforce is comprised of enthusiasts, the mix of technology and human expression comes together with beautiful results. Sugar Sand boats pursuits and passions are driven by what a boat should be.

About Jet Boats

Jet Boats range from 10 . 23 ft long and are known for their exceptional maneuverability. These boats can have a single or multiple jet drives for propulsion and are popular for day boating due to their shallow draft and absence of running gear which allows Jet Boats to get close to shorelines and/or beaches.
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