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Stumpnocker Boats Logo 900 Industrial Drive
Wildwood, fl 34785 Review of Stumpnocker Boats: Manufacturer of Stumpnocker Skiff Boats, Side Console Boats, Center Console Boats, Fishing Boats and Flat Bottom Boats.

Stumpnocker boats by Salty Boat Company is based in Wildwood, Florida(FL) and are exclusively sold by dealers, Old Salt Marine, Aqua Tech Marine and Victory Marine Sales. For close to 50 years, Stumpnocker has been building new boats to access the shallow waters of the coastline flats or any of the harder to access river spots. These boats include skiffs and flat bottom boats. Salty Boat Company and Stumpnocker Boats have joined forces together and will continue to produce excellent new boats.

Stumpnocker boats range from flat bottom boats with three to six inch drafts to accommodate low water areas, to the semi-v boats that have a draft of 8 inches. This helps you to pick the boat that will work for you in the area you decide to fish or travel to. Offering boats with side consoles and center consoles, Stumpnocker helps you choose the steering and handling you desire as well as the tiller steering outboards. Poling platforms covering the outboard on the flat bottom boats also give the pole steering option. Using all composite construction in all their new boats, Stumpnocker provides a no wood rot for longer lasting skiffs with closed foam flotation. Stumpnocker provides storage at the bow and transom areas of the boat and some will accommodate livewells and anchors. Some of the features for fisherman are casting platform at the bow, along with rod holders and tackle centers.

Stumpnocker designs and builds skiffs with side or center consoles and flat bottom boats that are reliable and dependable. Stumpnocker boats have a history of getting families and serious fisherman on the water, providing new boats that get you where you are going to go with confidence.

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