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About Stingray Boats

Stingray Boats Logo 625 Railroad Ave.
Hartsville, sc 29551
iboats Review of Stingray Boats: Manufacturer of Stingray Runabout Boats, Sport Boats, Cruiser Boats, Ski Boats~

Can you imagine a time when there wasn't water sports in the world? Neither can we. You have skiing and you have boats, one day someone was going to put the two together. Thank goodness they did. Because of this manufacturer's like Stingray could come about and build a runabout and sport boat so you can really enjoy your sports out on the water. In 1979 Al Fink founded Stingray with only two molds, a group of craftsmen, and a commitment to make one of the best runabout or sport boats on the market. Stingray is currently operating in its 225,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse in Hartsville, South Carolina. Still with the same commitment of Mr. Fink, to create the best runabout/sport boat that has a commitment to quality.

Stingray offers nothing but quality on their runabout or sport vessels. They are National Marine Manufacturer's Association (NMMA) certified. This means Stingray follows well-respected industry standards in regards to wiring, fuel tank design and installation, emergency flotation, engine ventilation, and many other aspects of your runabout or sport boat. Stingray is confident in their sports or runabout boats and stand by it. They offer a 5 year protection plan with owner registration. You can contact your local dealer for details on that. Stingray truly wants you to be a satisfied owner of one of their sports or runabout boats and proudly offer these distinctions.

Stingray also lets you build your boat to the exact specification you want for your next sports or runabout boat. First you select one of the 22 models, then you add the motor you want whether it be a Mercruiser or Volvo Penta with the horsepower. You then can select the exterior and interior colors, and add a few personal options. In each runabout or sport boat made by Stingray you can add options that will make your sport boating that much more enjoyable. This is such things as a premium sound system with a stereo deck and 100 watt water resistant speakers. Each sport or runabout boat has lounge seats that offer comfort and leisure for your day out on the water. So one has to be glad that someone decided to hop on ski's behind a boat and Stingray sure is and that's why they build a sport boat that will make your experience worthwhile.

About Deck Boats

Deck Boats have wide beams and have a v-hull the combination of these features can offer more stability for the passengers on the boat. These boats are powered by stern drive or outboard motors and can be constructed by fiberglass or aluminum. One of the main features of Deck Boats is the open deck which has plenty of space for seating. The bow of the boat can be blunted, rounded, or squared off which may allow room for a platform. Also, Deck Boats lengths range from 25 . 35 ft.
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